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Looking for Hurricane Shutters - Colonial Shutters can do the Job

If you’re looking for hurricane shutters that not only offer great protection but also add to the architectural beauty of your property then go for colonial shutters; along with Bahama shutters these shutters look good – the only two that actually increase the aesthetic appeal. You cannot say the same about accordion or any other panel-type shutters.

Colonial shutters offer the benefit of ease of use and durability. Moreover, these can be used to cover shapes such as arches, curves, and protruding surfaces. Colonial shutters will protect openings that are situated at awkward angles. You can get special sizes custom-made. Along with hurricane protection, these shutters are also useful in controlling wind, light, and dust that can damage wall paint and lead to grime accumulation on furniture. Colonial shutters are best installed in the construction phase itself. You can get to choose from a range of colors. Earlier, these shutters used to be made of wood. While wood has its own charm and texture, it is susceptible to rot and chipping. Aluminum and polymer shutters do not present these problems.

Plan for colonial shutters and leave enough space on either side of the opening not only for installation but also for the shutters to rest on the sides when open; these shutters can be placed on doors as well. They have to be opened and shut from the outside but are easier to operate than almost all other shutters. Once installed, these shutters will stay in place. Check the local building and construction codes before choosing a colonial shutter installation.

Colonial shutters are also known as traditional shutters or colonial blinds; at one time they were most popular in New England but can now be found all over America.