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Hurricane shutters in Florida - A real necessity

Hurricanes are an unavoidable phenomenon that are unleashed on the coastal state of Florida every year during the hurricane season. Therefore hurricane shutters in Florida are a common sight and are present on houses across counties and cities in the state. The state’s building codes are among the strictest in America and hence if you plan on taking hurricane shutter protection in Florida make sure that the shutter of your choice is compliant with the county code for hurricane shutters.

You are not going to be faced with a category four hurricane every year; but the fact is that you don’t have to experience a massive hurricane to undergo big damage to life and property. It can happen with a smaller hurricane as well. Hurricane shutters in Florida will not only protect your life and property but also help you bring down insurance costs. Your insurance company will give you a discount on your house insurance if you have hurricane shutters installed. Over the years, this adds up to substantial savings and lets you easily recover the cost of the property. The shutters should fulfill dual requirements of functionality and aesthetic appeal. And of course, it should be a good fit for your requirements. You cannot install accordion shutters on second floor windows as these have to be operated from outside; but you can install roll-down shutters in such a scenario because these can be operated through electric motor. Similarly, accordion shutters find use where the contour to be covered is not flat. On the same lines, wood Bahama shutters are the most pleasing in terms of aesthetics but cannot withstand big winds unless reinforced. Also, they cannot be placed on doors.

Permanent or removable is another factor to consider. And finally there is the question of cost. Roll-down shutters are the most versatile and also the most expensive. On the other hand, a piece of ply of the required thickness will also serve admirably for hurricane protection and will cost a lot less. With removable shutters you have to see that you prepare ahead of time; particularly if you are installing panels as these can take time to place.

Remember that the areas around Key West, Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale have experienced some of the most belligerent hurricanes recorded in the history of America. You will only be doing your duty towards the lives of your family and also towards your assets by installing hurricane shutters.