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Plastic hurricane shutters for protecting your property

Clear panel plastic hurricane shutters are a great alternative to metal and wood bringing with them several advantages. Visibility, ease of use, and a light weight are advantages with these shutters. Cost is not. These shutters are expensive. But you get good value for your money because of the attributes that these shutters possess. You can choose from two primary types – Lexan and Protexan.

Before putting up these shutters, make sure that they are approved by the building code authorities of your state and county. As mentioned above, these clear panel shutters allow sunlight into the house while blocking UV rays. That’s a health benefit right there for you. So not only do these panels protect you from wind, rain, and airborne debris they do so without encumbering vision or making you feel like you are inside a dungeon. Plastic as used in clear Lexan and Protexan panels does not rot, cannot be attacked by insects, will not crack, yellow, or get affected by mildew. It does not rust either. Thus, it is free from all the things that reduce the useful life of wood and metal shutters. Lexan panels are available as corrugated sheets for added protection against high speed winds. Choose a thickness that you feel is appropriate for your use and the extent of exposure for that portion of your property. These panels can integrate with metal panels. You can leave these panels up all season. Businesses get the advantage of letting people know that they are open.

Made from tough polymer resin these shutter types do not have any sharp edges. These panels can be installed from the inside and as mentioned above they can be installed quickly. Check with your local installer if he stocks these shutter types and what these shutters can do for your property value and also if there is any reduction in insurance costs.