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Roll – down shutters for residential security

Roll – down shutters bring with them features that are not easily found with other shutters. These are the only shutter types that offer dual benefits of residential security from theft and vandalism along with protection against storms and hurricanes. And by security I mean complete security that comes with ease of operation. These shutters can take winds up to 160 mph.

The aluminum slats can be perforated or solid, rigid or movable so that vents are created for cross – flow of air. Rolling shutters, when installed during the construction phase, can be installed so that they are concealed to a large extent. This helps maintain the aesthetics of the outer facade. Added afterwards, such shutters are invariably exposed. Concealed shutters mounted within the masonry do not alter your construction cost by much; the best thing to do is to get in touch with shutter installers when you are having residence constructed. Although this takes nothing away from their versatility and ease of use, many homeowners consider exposed shutters to be a minus point.

Energy savings and a reduction of sun damage to the interiors of your property are additional benefits of roll-down shutters.

The tracks on which the shutters move and the shutter housing compartment has to be sturdy and functional when you need either. Check and compare specifications between different installers. If installed on windows on the first floor. These shutters perforce have to be electrically operated. This necessitates a battery backup so that in the event of a power failure during hurricanes. You can bring the shutters down swiftly.