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Rolling Shutters for Residents of Yankeetown, Florida

Those with a long memory will remember Hurricane Easy that unleashed its wet fury on the peaceful town of Yankeetown in Florida in 1950. Easy was the fifth hurricane of the season. 100 miles per hour winds and 2.0 meter high waves on the shore along with the highest ever recorded rainfall in Florida over a 24-hour period were the incredible fallout of Hurricane Easy.

The whole point in reminiscing about this more than half a century old incident is to make the reader realize that even though major hurricanes are not an every year occurrence, when they do happen the damage caused is immense. Also, the population of Yankeetown has grown over the years and if today a big hurricane were to strike, the damage to life and property would be huge.

One of the best ways out is to install roll-down shutters; they afford dual protection. Against theft and hurricane damage. Rolling shutters today are made from durable plastic or sturdy metal alloys that are also lightweight. Fiberglass rolling shutters may be the more expensive option as compared to metal but they are lighter and won’t corrode in the sea air. In the summer months, these shutters stop heat from entering your premises and keep inside temperatures low; they bring down air conditioning costs. Similarly, these shutters will keep the heat out during the winter months. Roller shutters with movable slats allow you to regulate the amount of light and air that you want to allow inside.

Easy to operate and fast to operate. A simple one-time install is all that you need. So, good residents of Yankeetown, Florida get rolling shutters installed if you don’t already have them. Just make sure that they meet the Florida building codes and hurricane shutter specification. Check with the installer and your insurance company if there are any insurance benefits in it for you.