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5 Hurricane Safety Steps To Protect Your Family and Home in West Grand Bahama

Preparing your home before a hurricane can have a significant effect on the safety and protection of you, your family and your property. Whether you own or rent your home in West Grand Bahama, there are necessary steps you can take to prevent injury and damage during the hurricane season.

High winds, wind-blown debris and flooding pose the greatest threat to life and property, therefore securing your home is critical if you reside in a hurricane-prone region. Here are 5 steps you can take to help protect your family and home in West Grand Bahama:

  1. When a hurricane or tropical storm threatens, remove all loose items from around your yard. This includes lawn and patio furniture, flower pots, garden tools, toys and fallen tree branches. Any objects that are not securely fixed can become dangerous projectiles during high wind activity.
  2. Clear debris from gutters and drains.
  3. Elevate the heating and/or A/C system, water heater, and electric panel if your area is susceptible to flooding.
  4. Purchase enough non-perishable food, water and flashlight batteries to sustain you and your family for at least 3 days. Remember to fill your gas tank ahead of the storm.
  5. Protect windows and doors with quality shutters to keep out wind and rain. Accordion hurricane shutters are a top pick for many residents in West Grand Bahama due to affordability and ease of use.

When choosing hurricane shutters for your home, you’ll need to consider not only the purchase price, but also storage space before and after a storm. Because storage capacity, closet space and shelving is often limited in many of the homes on West Grand Bahama, Accordion hurricane shutters make the most sense.

Here are just a few of the benefits of accordion hurricane shutters:

  • Your entire home can easily be made storm-ready by one person.
  • They are permanently attached beside the windows and don’t require any extra storage space. This means you don’t have to drag heavy shutters out of storage and balance on ladders while securing them to your windows.
  • Some models can be locked with a key and can be used as a theft deterrent during or after storms, or even while on vacation or at night if it makes you feel safer in your home.
  • Glide on wheels make these shutters easy to open and close. The track is durable and long-lasting, so they don’t require much maintenance.
  • Average storm preparation time is fifteen to thirty minutes for your entire house as compared to hours and hours spent nailing up cumbersome metal panels or plywood.
  • Accordion shutters can conform to curved or oddly-shaped windows, making them an excellent choice for many homeowners in West Grand Bahama.
  • Easy to install.
  • Less expensive than many other types of hurricane shutters.

For more information on how to purchase the best custom built accordion shutters for your home or business in West Grand Bahama, please call 888-474-3555 for a free estimate, or visit the website. Empire Construction & Development specializes in custom storm shields for any window or entrance, no matter the size or shape. We are a direct resource of professional knowledge and superior products, not only for home and business owners, but architects and builders as well.