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Hurricane Shutters in Alligator Point, Florida

Residents of Alligator Island, in northwest Florida are no strangers to hurricanes. Irma, Dennis, Katrina, Hermine are just some of the hurricanes to have caused damage to this town.

If you live in Alligator Island, then you need protection from hurricanes. Storm panels are the best option.

Steel storm panels are the most cost-effective option for house-owners in Alligator Point, Florida. Despite being an economical solution, these shutters made of galvanized steel that is resistant to rust, can withstand strong tropical storm winds. Aluminum storm panels are also available, these are also very durable and can resist hurricane force winds. However, these panels are not permanent and must be removed at the end of hurricane season. If you seek a permanent solution then you may want to check out accordion shutters or roll up shutters.

Lexan storm panels are popular in South Florida because once up, you don’t have to take down these clear panels. Being transparent, these allow sunlight to pass through and give you a feeling of openness while enabling vision. Clear Lexan panels; however, can be installed only on openings that aren’t too wide. Five feet openings are the maximum length of openings that can be covered with Lexan storm panels.

Accordion panels slide sideways, are affordable, and robust against hurricanes. These hurricanes lock in the middle. The shutters stack on one side and will not impede your view. A little oiling and cleaning of the tracks is all the maintenance that these shutters need to keep them working for hurricane seasons that follow.

Roll up and roll down shutters are expensive but offer a huge benefit of years of service and compliance with insurance requirements and hurricane security codes across Florida. The movement can be motorized or the shutters can be operated manually. Either way, Alligator Point residents can be assured of a very sturdy solution for their hurricane protection requirements.