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Be Hurricane-Ready in Trinidad and Tobago with Code-Rated Colonial Shutters

The beautiful West Indian island country of Trinidad and Tobago is nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, just northeast of the Venezuelan coast. These tropical islands of paradise have breathtaking views, warm ocean breezes and undisturbed natural beauty not found on many of the other Caribbean countries.

The relative calm on the islands is not without worry, however. The locals on these delightful islands are always mindful of Mother Nature and the temper she can sometimes unleash during hurricane season. To prepare for the precarious weather patterns that can come in off the seas, these islanders know how important it is to secure their homes, businesses and investments

At Hurricane Shutters Florida, storm protection in Trinidad and Tobago is our #1 priority. Our company manufactures affordable quality Colonial Hurricane Shutters that can be hung on your window frames and left on all year long to prevent the winds from damaging your home.

It appears that the most recent hurricanes have been much stronger than they used to be. At Hurricane Shutters Florida, we remain diligent in the production standards and quality of our storm products so we can provide the ultimate in storm protection for your family and property. We challenge the forces of nature by providing Colonial Shutters that meet or exceed even the toughest of building code standards. Our shutters are made using heavy aluminum that will withstand tropical and hurricane force winds and the flying debris that accompanies it.

When you order Colonial Hurricane Shutters, you will get to choose from several colors, styles of arches, angles and curved tops to complement the architecture of your home or business. Once your measurements and color choices are received at Hurricane Shutters Florida, we will begin manufacturing your custom products promptly and will ship them to your home or business in Trinidad and Tobago. Because our Colonial Shutters remain installed on your building all year long, you will not only benefit from the peace of mind in knowing that your structure is storm-ready, but you will also enjoy the charming architectural style of these traditional shutters, season after season. is the leading website for custom-built Hurricane Shutters, Security Shutters, Decorative Shutters, and other Storm Protection products. We carry all types of Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code-approved hurricane protection products including: Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Hurricane ShuttersBahama ShuttersColonial ShuttersAluminum and Clear Storms PanelsHurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors.

With over 35 years of experience, it is no wonder that we’ve grown to be one of the largest, most technologically advanced and trusted manufacturers of storm panels, accordion shutters, roll-downs, Bahamas, and colonials shutters available on the market today.

Whether you are looking to install your storm shutters yourself or prefer to hire a service professional to install them for you, our team of shutter experts is just a phone call away to help you through the process and to recommend qualified installers if needed.

Please call to place your order @ (954) 474-3557 or (800) 474-3555 or visit our website to view our installation and measurement how-to videos.

Be safe this hurricane season with Hurricane Shutters Florida!