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Protect Your Home in Montserrat from Hurricanes with Bahama Shutters

Residents of Montserrat know the threat that hurricanes can pose to their homes, businesses and other buildings in the community. Hurricanes and tropical storms regularly pass through the Caribbean, bringing wind and driving rain, and leaving damage behind. Montserrat has seen several damaging storms, and needs the best hurricane protection. Storm shutters can be used to cover your windows and other vulnerable openings and shield your home or business from hurricanes, tropical storms and other bad weather conditions. Bahama shutters from Empire Construction & Development are an excellent choice of shutter for your commercial or residential building in Montserrat.

Our Bahama hurricane shutters are a favorite in the islands for the tropical style they add to any home or building, and the dependable storm protection they provide. The Bahama shutters made by Empire Construction & Development are custom designed to fit the size of each window in your order. Bahama storm shutters are built out of extruded aluminum, making them a durable, reliable choice for houses and other buildings in Montserrat and the rest of the Leeward Islands. These hurricane shutters are mounted permanently above windows and open at a 45-degree angle. Using a built in support arm, our Bahama shutters can be adjusted to open to as much as 60 degrees from the window. Bahama shutters look great on homes in the islands, and are available in a variety of custom colors.

There are many benefits to installing Bahama hurricane shutters on your home in Montserrat. Bahama hurricane shutters are easy to install, and are easy to operate. These shutters are a permanent solution to your storm protection needs — you won’t have the hassle of putting up and taking down panels after each hurricane. Bahama shutters from Empire Construction & Development also provide permanent shade from the sun for the interior of your home. This is an added plus, especially in the summer months when your cooling costs rise more and more. Homes and businesses in Montserrat and throughout the Lesser Antilles are also afforded greater security by installing Bahama storm shutters. Your home or business can be safe from storm damage, sun damage, and theft with our high-quality Bahama hurricane shutters.

We at Empire Construction & Development have 35 years of experience in construction, design and manufacturing. We are experts in hurricane protection and have a variety of great products to meet your storm protection needs in Montserrat. We offer a free online estimate through our quoting tool, or you can call our knowledgeable team at 888-474-3555 to discuss your price quote and order. Let us help you order your Bahama hurricane shutters today!