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Accordion Shutters Keep Homes and Businesses in Aruba Safe

Do hurricanes frequently hit Aruba? The ABC islands — Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao – are located outside of common hurricane paths in the Caribbean Sea. Though they haven’t historically seen many hurricanes, these storms can be unpredictable and turn unexpectedly. Multi-purpose accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development can keep homes, hotels, and other buildings in Aruba safe from any possible hurricanes, as well as provide homeowners with many other benefits.

In the event of a hurricane in the Atlantic turning suddenly and striking Aruba, residents will want to be prepared. Empire Construction & Development manufactures storm shutters to meet the most stringent wind codes, and our shutters provide excellent protection for commercial and residential properties across the Caribbean. When considering wind damage, hurricanes aren’t the only threat. Tropical storms and cyclones occur across the Caribbean. Tropical storms, which are more common in the ABC islands than hurricanes are, can have wind speeds as high as 117 KMH (73MPH.) Winds at that speed can cause damage to homes and other buildings in Aruba. By securing windows, doors, and other vulnerable openings with our sturdy accordion storm shutters, you can keep your property in the Lesser Antilles safe.

Islands in the Dutch Caribbean have warm and sunny weather all year. Aruba is a favorite island among tourists for its warm weather. Even in the winter, Aruba rarely sees temperatures below 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit.) Vacationers and seasonal tourists love Aruba’s warm client, and so do its residents – but their cooling costs are a year-round expense. Accordion shutters can help homeowners and business owners in Aruba reduce their air-conditioning cost – when they shutters are closed in a room, the room is shaded and becomes cooler. This is an added bonus of these protective shutters.

Aluminum accordion shutters can also function excellently as security shutters for properties in Aruba. Homes in Oranjestad and San Nicolaas can be secured with easy-to-use accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development. We manufacture shutters to fit each window and door in your order. Once installed, accordion shutters glide open and closed along a track, and lock securely at the center of each opening. Not only do they protect your property from wind, rain, and debris – they are effective protection against break-ins and theft for homes, hotels, stores, and restaurants in Aruba.

We at Empire Construction & Development provide high-quality, dependable storm protection products to our customers in the Caribbean. We will manufacture your custom-made shutters at our warehouse, and ship them by freight to you in Aruba. To discuss getting accordion shutters, contact us today, or call: 888-474-3555. Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development will keep your property in Aruba safe all year!