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Roll-down Hurricane Shutters Keep Homes in Antigua Safe

Residents of Antigua, as well as tourists to the island, must be aware of the threat that hurricanes pose to the Caribbean islands during hurricane season. Hurricanes and even tropical storms can cause substantial damage. Antiguans remember the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma on their neighboring island Barbuda in 2017. Installing high-quality hurricane shutters on your property is one of the most effective hurricane preparedness measures you can take. For the current hurricane season, rolling storm shutters from Empire Construction and development can keep homes, hotels, restaurants, and other properties in Antigua safe from wind damage and flying debris.

Empire Construction & Development’s aluminum rolling shutters are housed above each window and door on your commercial or residential property in Antigua and can be quickly and easily closed. You can operate your rolling hurricane shutters with a hand crank, or by motor with a manual override. An upgraded, remote control-operated motor is also available for your rolling shutter order. Buildings across the Leeward Islands can secure their windows and patio doors with roll-down hurricane shutters. Empire Construction & Development’s roll-down shutters are built with either 40MM or 60MM blade heights.

Rolling shutters are popular for their ease-of-use, their excellent storm protection capabilities, and their sleek style. Our rolling shutters are available in four colors: white, ivory, beige, and bronze. Homeowners in St. John’s and across Antigua can have top-of-the-line hurricane protection at an affordable price when they order their hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Not only do rolling shutters provide protection from hurricanes, tropical storms, and other inclement weather, they are also an excellent security precaution. Our heavy-duty rolling shutters can be used to secure a business overnight or to provide protection for a property in Antigua when its owner is out of town. These multi-purpose roll-down shutters also provide protection from sun – artwork and furniture can be kept from fading by simply rolling down these shutters. When closed, rolling shutters also help to reduce the temperature indoors, effectively lowering cooling costs for properties in Antigua.

Roll-down hurricane shutters for Antigua manufactured by Empire Construction & Development are custom made to fit the size of each opening in your order. Our shutters are constructed and packaged at our warehouse and shipped by freight to the Caribbean. Our easy-to-use rolling shutters can be installed by your contractor or handyman, or you can install them yourself by following our instructions.

For a quick price quote on roll-down storm shutters, use our online quoting tool – just select the product you need and enter the size of each window or door, in inches. To discuss rolling shutters with our knowledgeable team, call us today at: 888-474-3555. Don’t go another hurricane season without being prepared. Get rolling hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development for your property in Antigua, and know you have the best storm protection in the islands!