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Colonial Shutters in Treasure Island, Pinellas County, Florida

Treasure Island in Pinellas County, Florida lies in a high-risk hurricane zone. Since 1930, 72 hurricanes have been recorded in the Treasure Island, FL. The last hurricane to hit Treasure Island was Claudette in 2009.

Impact colonial shutters by Empire Construction and Development Corp., can withstand wind speeds in excess of 140 mph. These shutters are a permanent addition to any property. Hurricane Shutters Florida manufactures colonial shutters from heavy extruded aluminum. Our shutters adhere to the strictest wind codes, including the Florida Building Code’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone Protocols (HVHZ). Residents of Miami-Dade and Monroe County can install these shutters.

If you wish to protect your Treasure Island homes and properties from wind speeds of up to 140 mph and also have an unobstructed view then high-visibility impact colonial shutters are also an alternative. You can install these instead of regular impact colonial shutters, but do not have a perforated metal backing.

Our roster of qualified contractors will ensure that the shutters installed meet design and mounting requirements of the Florida Building Code, International Building Code, and Texas Department of Insurance.

Along with Bahama Shutters, colonial shutters add to the architectural appeal of a property. They can easily be closed when a storm approaches. Colonial shutters are easily installed and in 15 minutes, you can set these up for your property. Larger openings can be secured with bi-fold panels. Our hurricane shutters feature a powder coated finish, and you have a choice in colors to complement the décor of your property.

Colonial shutters are stacked on either side of the window. For a seamless look, you can choose colonial shutters with no visible screws or mitered edges. Contact us to learn more, and get a free quote.