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Easy and Affordable Storm Protection for Homes and Businesses in the Bahamas

If you want to be prepared for future hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical cyclones in the Bahamas, you need to get storm protection. And you shouldn’t settle for just any storm protection – you should get a top-quality product. Hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development can protect windows, doors, and garages on your property.

Our aluminum panels are sturdy and cost-effective. Whether you want to cover a few windows, or all of the windows on your home, hotel or resort in the Bahamas, you can use these hurricane panels. Our clear storm panels allow for light and visibility while keeping your property safe before, during, and after a storm. Clear panels can be installed on your home’s window or your storefront and left up all season – you will be able to see out of your windows, and your customers will know you are open for business, all while staying prepared for any storm that may strike the islands.

Aluminum storm panels and clear storm panels from Empire Construction & Development are:

*Easy to Install – Upper and lower tracks make installing these panels hassle-free. Hurricane panels can also be attached over your windows and doors without track, if you prefer not to use it. See how to install our storm panels – they’re an easy DIY project for homeowners in the Bahamas.

*Convenient – These panels are easy to put up and take down. When a storm is coming your way, you don’t want to spend all day preparing your home. Storm panels can be attached over your windows and doors quickly and efficiently. And when the storm has passed and it’s time to take your panels down, our hurricane panels are easy to stack and store until you need them again.

*Designed and Tested for Maximum Protection – Our hurricane panels are designed to withstand high winds and flying objects during a storm in the Bahamas. The 2-inch rise panel design of our hurricane panels makes them 25% stronger than flat metal panels or plywood. These storm panels have passed impact-resistance tests and have been approved by the International Building Code.

At Empire Construction & Development, we will get you the storm panels in the sizes you need. We provide our customers in the Bahamas with aluminum panels and clear panels to fit their windows and doors. We also have stock size panels available in a number of standard sizes.

We provide a variety of reliable, high-quality storm protection products for homeowners and commercial property owners in the Caribbean. If you are looking for another product in addition to storm panels, we sell:

*Accordion hurricane shutters

*Roll-down hurricane shutters

*Colonial hurricane shutters

*Bahama Hurricane shutters

Contact us today for a free price quote on your storm panel order. To hear about our hurricane panel deals and promotions or for any questions about keeping your home safe during a storm, call: 888-474-3555. Get affordable storm protection that’s easy to use in the Bahamas when you order your hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development.