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Why You Should Get Storm Panels This Year

Maybe your home has been through a few hurricanes in the past. Maybe you’ve ridden out these storms while in your home. Maybe you’ve never been through a hurricane but live in a coastal area that’s prone to them. When dealing with these unpredictable storms, one thing is certain – you need storm protection.

There are many storm shutters and panels on the market. When choosing a storm protection product, you want to make sure you get the product that’s best for you. Empire Construction & Development provides durable and reliable storm protection products for commercial and residential properties.

Hurricane storm panels from Empire Construction & Development provide excellent, affordable protection against the high winds, driving rain, and flying debris that hurricanes and tropical storms can bring. The middle of a hurricane is not the time you want to worry about a broken window. Aluminum storm panels fit securely over your windows and doors. When a storm is coming your way, you can quickly and easily secure your home. Aluminum storm shutters can be stacked and stored until you need to put them up again.

In addition to selling aluminum hurricane shutters, we also offer clear storm panels. Clear storm panels allow you to see out of your windows and let light into your home while providing high-quality window protection during a storm. Clear shutters can be installed on windows and store fronts and left up for the entire hurricane season. When a storm is on its way, you’ll have one less thing to worry about since your clear panels will already be up. Clearguard clear panels from Empire Construction & Development also provide UV protection – their UV inhibitors protect the interior of your home or office from these harmful rays. You can install these polycarbonate panels on a window and leave it up year-round to shield furniture, artwork, and other valuables from the damaging effects of the sun.

When hurricane-force winds can easily exceed 100MPH, you want to know that you have a storm protection product you can rely on. Our aluminum panels and clear panels are tested to ensure they can withstand high winds and flying debris during a storm. At Empire Construction & Development, we provide high-quality storm panels, and other dependable storm protection products, including:

*Accordion storm shutters

*Roll-down storm shutters

*Bahama colonial shutters

*Colonial hurricane shutters

Don’t take a chance with an inferior product, and don’t leave your home unguarded. Aluminum hurricane panels and Clearguard clear storm panels from Empire Construction & Development will provide you with the storm protection you need. For a free price quote on storm panels or any of our other great products, contact us today. Call 888-474-3555 to hear about our storm panel special deals this month or for questions about protecting your property from hurricanes. Get storm panels from Empire Construction & Development and stay safe year after year.