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Hurricane Protection for Homes and Businesses in Bayou La Batre, Alabama

Hurricanes can cause serious damage to homes, businesses and other buildings in Bayou La Batre. How does this damage happen during a storm? One way hurricane damage occurs is through broken windows. High wind speeds and flying debris can cause large and small windows on upper and lower floors to break. When windows are broken, the structural integrity of a building is compromised and broken glass, other storm debris, and rain water can easily enter, causing dangerous conditions inside your building and lasting damage that can be costly to repair. High quality hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development protect windows, doors, and other opening, keeping properties in Bayou La Batre safe during a hurricane or a tropical storm.

What type of hurricane shutter is best? At Empire Construction & Development, we have several great options for home and business owners in Bayou La Batre, depending on their needs. Our hurricane protection products are all sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. Our accordion storm shutters, roll-down storm shutters, and hurricane panels each have their own benefits too.

Accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are a great combination of durability, affordability, and easy to use storm protection. These aluminum shutters fold on the left and right side of each opening, and can be pulled shut and locked at the center. Accordion shutters are a great choice for storefronts, sliding doors, patio areas, and other large openings. These hurricane shutters also provide excellent window protection for houses, townhomes, and other residences throughout Alabama. Accordion shutters also make great security shutters for homes, restaurants, stores and other businesses in Bayou La Batre.

Our Rolling hurricane shutters offer excellent storm protection and unparalleled ease of use, while adding to the value of your home or rental property. These shutters have a sleek design, and can be used as storm protection as well as protection from sun, heat, and noise. Aluminum roll-down shutters are housed in a box above each window, and are rolled down manually or with the use of a motor. A remote-control option is also available when you order the upgraded Hertz Motor for your shutters. Rolling shutters can be used on most windows and doors, and are also excellent security shutters.

Aluminum storm panels and clear storm panels from Empire Construction & Development are a popular and affordable way to keep your windows safe from hurricane damage. Our aluminum panels are designed to be stronger than flat panels or plywood, and our clear panels allow you to see out of your windows and let light into your home while still staying protected from wind, rain, and flying debris during a storm.

Covering your windows with sturdy storm shutters can help prevent storm damage to your home or business. For a shutter price quote, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 to hear our storm shutter deals or for questions about finding the right hurricane shutter for you. Protect your property in Bayou La Batre, Alabama with accordion shutters, rolling shutters, or storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.