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Hurricane Shutters for Homes, Resorts, and Restaurants in Gulf Shores, Alabama

When a hurricane is forming in the Atlantic, Gulf Coast residents know what that means – they need to be prepared. Hurricanes and tropical storms can change course quickly, and sometimes instead of heading up the eastern coast of the US, they head into the Gulf of Mexico, which can put them on target to hit Gulf Shores or other coastal areas in the southeast. When a hurricane is headed towards Alabama’s southern coast, there is something that can help residents and tourists ride out the storm – hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

How do you find the best hurricane shutters in Gulf Shores? Take a look at our products. Our roll-down hurricane shutters, accordion hurricane shutters, and storm panels provide excellent storm protection for commercial and residential properties in Gulf Shores, Alabama and beyond.

What is the best hurricane shutter for your building? Let’s take a look at some advantages of these three types of hurricane shutters:

*Rolling storm shutters – These shutters are sturdy and easy to use. When you need to cover your windows and doors, simply roll down your shutters using a manual crank or a motor. Depending on your opening size, your roll-down shutters will be custom made with 40mm or 60mm blade heights. Rolling shutters also make excellent security shutters and provide protection from the heat and sun in Gulf Shores year-round.

*Accordion storm shutters – These shutters are durable, reliable, and affordable. Accordion shutters are installed on each side of an opening (window or door) and can be pulled closed and locked securely when needed. Accordion shutters can be used on many windows and doors, and larger openings like storefronts. Our accordion hurricane shutters are made of heavy-duty aluminum, and also make great security shutters for commercial and residential properties in Gulf Shores.

*Storm Panels – Aluminum panels are the most affordable way to protect your windows from storm damage. Our aluminum storm panels are strong, easy to put up with or without panel track, and stackable for easy storage. Our clear hurricane panels provide the benefits of metal panels, but allow you to see through them. Clear panels can be installed on your windows and left up all hurricane season.

At Empire Construction & Development, we use our expertise in Storm Protection to help you be prepared for the storms that may come your way. Each order is customized to ensure our customers get the storm protection they need for their homes and other buildings. When you provide us with your window and door outside measurements, we will give you a hurricane shutter quote, including a shipping estimate to your location in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Contact us today to get the process of securing your home started! Call 888-474-3555 to speak to a member of our storm protection team about your hurricane shutter order. Don’t face a hurricane in Gulf Shores without high-quality shutters – let us help you keep home, hotel, resort, or restaurant safe during a storm.