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The Best Hurricane Shutters for Homes and Hotels in Orange Beach, Alabama

Residents of the Gulf Coast have long known something that people in many other parts of the country don’t – what it’s like to go through a hurricane. Tourists who flock to Orange Beach can learn what the locals know when a hurricane or tropical storm makes landfall. High wind and heavy rain can cause power outages and flooding, and can also break windows and damage homes and commercial buildings. While floods and power outages from a hurricane can’t be prevented, broken windows can be prevented with hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Ordering hurricane shutters is the smart choice for property owners in Orange Beach, Alabama. At Empire Construction & Development, our hurricane shutters are:

*Easy to use – You won’t have to struggle to secure your windows and doors when you use our accordion shutters, rolling shutters, or storm panels. All of our storm protection products let you cover your property’s vulnerable openings quickly and easily.

*Strong and reliable – Our hurricane shutters and storm panels are designed and tested to withstand storm-force winds. Wind speeds during a hurricane can easily exceed 100MPH. These high winds, and the flying debris they stir up, can pose a threat to your windows in Orange Beach.

*Made to fit your windows and doors – Empire Construction & Development manufactures accordion hurricane shutters and roll-down hurricane shutters to fit each window and door measurement that our customers provide us with. We also provide our customers in Orange Beach, AL with the exact number of panels they will need to completely cover their windows.

*Affordable for every budget – Our aluminum storm panels are the least expensive way to secure your property from hurricane damage while using a durable, reliable product. Clear Protexan Panels are another affordable option. Accordion shutters are cost-effective and rolling shutters offer top-of-the-line protection for homes and commercial buildings in Orange Beach.

Hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development can help homeowners, rental property owners, and hotel, resort, and restaurant owners prevent property damage during a hurricane. There are also other benefits to using our accordion or roll-down shutters, including:

*Protection from heat, which can lower cooling costs

*Shielding interiors from damaging effects of the sun

*Excellent overnight security for homes, stores, and restaurants

*An effective way to lock up your home when you go out of town

Take a look at the testimonials from our happy customers, and let us help you get reliable, affordable storm protection too. Contact us for a price quote on your shutter order, including shipping to Orange Beach. Call: 888-474-3555 for any questions you have about protecting your home and preventing damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. Get the best storm protection in Orange Beach when you order hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.