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Accordion Shutters Protect Homes from Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, and Theft in Gulf County, FL

Late-season hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t uncommon in the Atlantic. When these storms move into the Gulf of Mexico, residents of Florida’s west coast and panhandle have to prepare for the possibility of a direct hit. Hurricanes can cause major damage to homes and other buildings due to the high winds and heavy rain they bring. Even tropical storms can have damaging winds and bring inches of rainfall. To protect your home or commercial building from these storms in Gulf County, FL, get the best hurricane shutters available.

How do hurricane shutters protect your home during a storm? Sturdy hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are used to completely cover your windows, doors, patio areas and other openings that may be affected by hurricane-force winds and flying debris. One of the most popular and affordable type of shutter we provide to our customers in Gulf County is the Accordion Shutter.

These durable aluminum shutters are installed on either side of each opening. Accordion shutters can be left open when they’re not needed, folding at the sides of your windows, sliding doors, and other openings. When you need to close your shutters, our accordion hurricane shutters glide along a built-in track to close quickly and easily.

When choosing a shutter for your home, look for one that is tested and approved to withstand hurricane-force winds and dangerous flying debris. Decorative shutters and plywood may cover your windows but do not provide the level of storm protection that impact rated shutters provide. Our accordion hurricane shutters and other storm protection products are designed and tested to withstand high wind and impact. Our accordion shutters adhere to the strongest wind codes in the country and can effectively secure your windows and doors in Gulf County.

Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development also make great security shutters. As Floridians know, the Atlantic Hurricane season ends at the end of November. But the threat of theft and break-ins is year-round. Our aluminum accordion shutters can be used to lock up your home, office, restaurant, hotel, or storefront in Gulf County, FL. Whether you want to keep your valuables safe when you go out of town, lock up your restaurant or store after closing each night, or take extra measures against break-ins – accordion shutters will let you do just that without fuss. Simply slide your accordion shutters closed, lock them with the tamper-free locking device, and have peace of mind that your property in Gulf County is secure.

At Empire Construction & Development, we make hurricane shutters that keep our customers safe. For a free quote on your accordion hurricane shutter order, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 with questions about finding the best hurricane shutters online. Protect your home in Gulf County from hurricanes, tropical storms, and theft with accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development.