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Buy Rolling Storm Shutters for Your Home in Holmes County, Florida

A couple moved from their hometown in Tennessee to Bonifay, in Holmes County, Florida. They found a house and began to adjust to life in their new town. They loved the warm weather and mild winters of Florida’s panhandle. But one thing they weren’t happy about was the danger of a hurricane strike. Since they weren’t from Florida or another state that frequently sees hurricanes, they’d only seen hurricanes (and the after-effects of these dangerous storms) on TV. When a storm hit not too far from where they were living, they decided to stop putting off shopping for storm shutters and find strong, reliable rolling hurricane shutters for their house.

Rolling storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be used on homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and other commercial or residential buildings in Holmes County, FL. Our rolling shutters are made of sturdy aluminum and built with 40mm or 60mm blade heights to give you the best storm protection possible. Roll-down storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development are housed above each window or door, and can be rolled down easily with:

*A manual crank, for easy use even without power

*A motorized roll-down feature (with a manual override option)

*An upgraded Hertz motor with a remote-control

You can quickly secure your windows and doors before a storm in northern Florida with our aluminum rolling shutters.

After hurricane season ends, you can still get plenty of use out of these multi-purpose shutters. Rolling shutters provide excellent privacy and shade, and can be used whenever you need them. Our rolling shutters also make great security shutters for homes and commercial buildings in Holmes County – whether you want to secure a storefront or sliding glass door from overnight break-ins, or close up your property when you go out of town, rolling shutters will let you do that without hassle.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture custom-made aluminum storm shutters. Our hurricane shutters are built to adhere to the strongest wind codes in the country, and can keep your home in Holmes County safe from hurricanes, tropical storms, theft, and sun-damage. In addition to roll-down hurricane shutters, we also manufacture other high-quality storm shutters such as: accordion hurricane shutters, Bahama hurricane shutters, and Colonial hurricane shutters. See what our customers in Florida and throughout the US have to say about hurricane protection products from Empire Construction & Development.

For a price quote on roll-down shutters for your home or other building, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 to discuss your storm shutter order and to hear about our hurricane shutter deals this month. Get the best storm protection when you get rolling shutters from Empire Construction & Development for your home in Holmes County!