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Where to Buy Accordion Shutters in Coastal North Carolina

There are hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches along the coast of North Carolina. Tourists who prefer sand and surf to the mountains can visit North Carolina’s many coastal towns, barrier islands, campgrounds, boardwalks, and marinas every year. But tourists and vacationers aren’t all that can come to coastal North Carolina every year – hurricanes and tropical storms from the Atlantic may also pass through towns on the state’s eastern coast. Homeowners and business owners in coastal North Carolina can protect their buildings from hurricanes and other storms with accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Accordion Shutters 1 Open & 1 Close

Accordion Shutters 1 Open & 1 Close

Why should you have hurricane shutters in coastal North Carolina?

Hurricane shutters, like the accordion shutters designed and manufactured by Empire Construction & Development Corporation, make it easy to protect your home or commercial building in North Carolina from common types of storm damage. Windows and doors are often considered to be vulnerable areas on your home during a hurricane and can sustain damage during even a lower-category storm. High winds and flying debris may cause window breakage or cracked glass, and broken windows can then let the storm into your home. There are several ways to secure your windows against storm damage, and using our durable accordion storm shutters is one of the best ways to protect your property with storm shutters in eastern North Carolina.

Our accordion hurricane shutters are made of strong extruded aluminum and installed permanently on your windows and doors. When not in use, these shutters fold clear of each opening, and whenever you need to use your storm shutters in North Carolina, you can just pull them shut. Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development close securely in the center and can be locked with a built-in locking device for extra home protection.

Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development are available in four accordion shutter colors: white, ivory, beige, and bronze. Choose the color that will look best on your home, hotel, beach resort, restaurant, bar, bait and tackle shop, maritime building or other commercial or residential building in North Carolina. Our accordion shutters also make excellent security shutters for homes and other buildings in North Carolina.

How can I order accordion shutters in North Carolina?

Contact us at Empire Construction & Development — we make ordering accordion shutters easy too! If you have your exterior window and door measurements, we can give you a free price quote on accordion shutters, including shipping to coastal North Carolina We manufacture accordion hurricane shutters custom to order for our customers in North Carolina and along the east coast. Check out our website,, and call: 888-474-3555 to speak to a knowledgeable member of our team about your hurricane shutter order, for tips on selecting the best hurricane shutter for your home in North Carolina, or for any other storm protection questions you may have. Buy accordion shutters in coastal North Carolina from Empire Construction & Development to keep your building safe year-round.