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Boca Raton's Residents Prefer Accordion Shutters from

Do you live in Boca Raton, Florida? This coastal paradise in South Florida is home to people of all ages, but is still an area that is prone to severe impacts by the increasing frequency and strength of Atlantic Ocean basin hurricanes, seasonal thunderstorms, and other extreme weather events. Are you anxious to step up your overall security strategy to keep you and your loved ones safe? Finally, have you been thinking about taking steps to protect the long-term investment of your real estate and personal property by lowering risk and increasing value?

If so, you might just be in the market for affordable and durable accordion shutters from Empire Construction and Development Corporation!

Perhaps you’re wondering whether accordion shutters are a worthy investment to take on. While we understand experiencing a moment of hesitation, the answer is a resounding YES! After all, our accordion shutters are our most popular product for a reason. Our clientele knows this well and you will, too!

To put things into perspective, let’s look at the facts. According to the World Digital Library, more than 450 known subtropical and/or tropical cyclones have impacted Florida since the start of European colonialism in the area, ranking it the most impacted state in the United States, overall. Historically, the hurricanes that have impacted Florida have resulted in over $ 191 billion dollars in damage (USD valuation from 2017). With that Florida hurricane data in mind, it becomes apparent that the hurricane protection afforded by accordion shutters from Empire Construction and Development Corporation are worth the long-term investment, indeed!

Accordion Shutter Close & Open Window in White

Still not convinced?

Think about the structural and personal property damage that seasonal thunderstorms and other extreme weather events like tornadoes can cause. From high winds putting further stress on old, rattling window frames to debris plowing through non-impact resistant window panes, the potential for damage can be overwhelming. Why unnecessarily expose yourself to the risk of such structural and personal property damage from those aging, failing components? Just as bikers wear helmets for protection from impacts, your windows and belongings deserve protection from impacts, as well. Accordion shutters from Empire Construction and Development Corporation have you covered.

One last compelling reason to install accordion shutters from Empire Construction and Development Corporation is the simple promise of security and the peace of mind that comes with it. Whether you’re new to your Boca Raton neighborhood and would like to make sure you feel secure in your new home, you’d like to protect your home updates and renovations from envious eyes, or you just ascribe to the general philosophy of “better safe than sorry,” our accordion shutters will work for your security needs and overall strategy.

We custom design and manufacture the right accordion shutters to protect any of your windows, doors, or other structural openings, regardless of size or shape.

While all of this may seem rather overwhelming, not to worry because you’re in luck! We will provide you with the highest level of hurricane/seasonal storm/extreme weather protection, security preservation, and investment protection available at the most affordable price.

If you’re ready to protect your property from hurricanes, seasonal storms, extreme weather events, and general security breaches, we can help! We offer a variety of accordion shutter configurations to suit your wants and needs. Below, you’ll find a quick and dirty overview of our exceptional product:

Accordion Shutters

*Production Time: 8 – 10 weeks

*Best combination of affordability, protection, and ease of use

*Naturally folds for compact storage

*Lifetime durability + increased market value for properties on which they are installed

*Constructed of extruded aluminum panels – can be installed in any length

*Optional key locks for increased protection and security

*Available in White, Ivory, Beige, or Bronze


Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and seek the right accordion shutters for you and your home in Boca Raton from Empire Construction and Development Corporation. If you have questions regarding the installation of accordion shutters in Boca Raton, Florida, we offer the flexibility and resources to match what will best suit you.

We’re here to serve you – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, toll-free, at (888) 474 – 3555 for help with accordion shutters for the lovely area of Boca Raton, Florida. Your property protection, overall safety, and quality of life may just depend on it.