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Secure Patios, Balconies, Terraces, and Storefronts in Fort Myers-Naples with these Durable Accordion Shutters

Everything about their retirement was going as planned. A couple from the Midwest had sold their home and bought a great house in warm, sunny Naples, Florida. No more shoveling snow, morning coffee on their terrace, a view of the golf course from their balcony, lots of big windows that let the light in – it was great. But they quickly realized they were missing one thing: window and door protection for their new home. They may have traded in snow and workdays for sun, golfing and leisure time but hurricanes and other storms were now a threat, and their house needed a security upgrade too.

Accordion Shutters Open in White

Accordion shutters were the answer! These strong aluminum accordion shutters in Fort Myers-Naples from Empire Construction & Development would let them protect their windows, glass doors, patio, and balcony from bad weather and break-ins. Some of their neighbors have storm panels, but the couple found out that their new shutters are more convenient than storm panels, plywood, or decorative shutters. Permanently installing accordion storm shutters on your home or commercial building makes it easy to cover your windows and doors whenever you need to. Now the retired couple in Naples could quickly protect their home before a hurricane or other storm, and securely lock up their home when they went back up north to visit their grandkids. Reliable accordion shutters helped make their retirement stress-free.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture strong and reliable storm and security shutters. Our accordion shutters can be used to protect against hurricanes and tropical storms, other seasonal storms, extreme weather, and theft. These durable accordion shutters are custom-built, so you know they’ll fit the windows, doors and other areas on your home or business in Fort Myers-Naples. Accordion shutters can be used on most window, door, patio, and storefront sizes. Take a look at what our customers have to say about our accordion shutters and our other great storm protection and security products.

Our accordion shutters can be used on homes in Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, and provide excellent storm protection and security for office buildings, restaurants, storefronts, hotels, resorts, and other buildings.  These durable shutters are designed to meet the strongest wind codes in the country, and are built to withstand impact. Accordion shutters in Fort Myers-Naples are available in four colors:





You can find the shutters you need online at For a free quote on the price of accordion shutters in Fort Myers-Naples, contact us today. Call: 888-474-3555 to speak to our shutter experts about finding the best accordion shutters in Fort Myers-Naples. Protecting every area of your home or commercial building that’s vulnerable storm damage and break-ins doesn’t have to be hard. Secure patios, balconies, terraces, storefronts and more in Fort Meyers-Naples, Florida with accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development.