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Where to Purchase Custom Accordion Shutters in Clearwater, Florida

Finding the perfect shutters for your home can take a lot of looking around – you’ll want to find the right style and color for your shutters, they’ll need to look good on your home, and they shouldn’t be difficult to use. You’ll need to find the right shutter sizes. And of course, the price should be right too. Finding the perfect storm and security shutters in Clearwater, Florida can be time-consuming, unless you visit Here you’ll find the best shutters for your home or business, manufactured by Empire Construction & Development, the experts in customized storm and security shutters.

Our accordion shutters are our most popular storm protection and security product in Florida and throughout the US. These strong shutters are designed to provide dependable protection against hurricanes, tropical storms, and other seasonal storms and extreme weather in Clearwater. These shutters are made of heavy-duty aluminum and built to withstand impact, flying objects, and other threats to windows, doors, and other openings on a building. Accordion shutters in Clearwater, Florida from Empire Construction & Development can be used on residential and commercial buildings.

Two Floors Protection with Accordion Shutters

Will accordion shutters fit my windows and storefront? The great thing about custom accordion shutters is that they’ll be made in the sizes you need. Whether your windows are standard sizes or not, large or small, we can make durable storm and security shutters for them. If you have your window measurements, or want to know how to measure for accordion shutters, call: 888-474-3555 to speak to our helpful team.

Are accordion shutters the best security shutters? Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development make excellent security shutters. While several of our products provide reliable window security, getting accordion shutters for your building is the most affordable way to get strong, tamper-proof, locking security shutters that are easy to use. Our affordable accordion shutters can be made for large areas and small openings that need protection. Break-ins, looting, vandalism, nosy passers-by – if you want to protect your home or business against it, accordion shutters do a great job.

I have a patio area I want to cover. Can I use accordion shutters? Yes! Custom accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development aren’t just for windows. These sturdy shutters can be made for areas that need storm protection and extra security, including:





*Standard and double doors

*Glass doors and sliding doors

Where can I buy custom accordion shutters in Clearwater, Florida? The best accordion shutters in Clearwater are available to homeowners and business owners on We at Empire Construction & Development will custom-make your accordion shutters. For a free quote on the price of custom accordion shutters in Clearwater, contact us today or call: 888-474-3555 to hear about our storm and security shutter deals this month. Purchase custom accordion shutters for your home or business in Clearwater, Florida from Empire Construction & Development.