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If You’re Not Selling Storm and Protection Shutters in South Carolina, ACT NOW to Become a Distributor

If you’re not selling storm and protection shutters, you should be! Homes and businesses in South Carolina need storm protection. They may need window and door security too. Now you can sell products that provide both and increase your profits while helping customers protect their homes and businesses in South Carolina. Shutters from Empire Construction & Development provide great hurricane and storm protection, anti-theft protection, and more.

Our shutters have helped over 10,000 customers throughout the US and around the world protect their buildings. And now you can make these reliable shutters available to customers near you as a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development. Your future customers will be able to buy the storm shutters and protection shutters they need in South Carolina when you become a part of our shutter distributor program.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture high-quality, affordable hurricane and security shutters. Our shutters are engineered to withstand impact, high wind speeds, and other outdoor extremes. Shutters from our line of products can give homeowners and business owners in coastal South Carolina hurricane protection they can count on. You can become a shutter distributor in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Hilton Head or your area.

Whether your customers live on the coast or inland, extra security brings peace of mind, and shade from the summer sun and heat in South Carolina is welcome too! Our shutters can be used to provide security, privacy, and energy efficiency for a commercial or residential building. And whether your customers want to protect against break-ins, lock up their beach house when they leave town, provide overnight security for their business or block sun and heat, our shutters are the ones for the job. When you become a shutter dealer/distributor in South Carolina for Empire Construction & Development, you’ll be able to quickly and easily add our shutters to your product offerings and start selling storm and security shutters.

There are building owners near you who need to protect their windows, doors, glass doors, patios, and more. When you become a shutter distributor, your customers will be able to choose from a variety of storm and protection shutters, including:

*Roll-down shutters

*Accordion shutters

*Colonial shutters

*Bahama shutters

Your customers will also be able to choose the color of their shutters – our shutters are made to look great on any building. Storm and protection shutters from Empire Construction & Development are custom made, and are built of strong aluminum for maximum durability.


Selling storm and security shutters in your area is a prime opportunity to grow your business and increase your sales. Getting started as a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development is easy – we can provide you with promotional materials, shutter samples, and more. Call: 888-474-3555 for more information on becoming a shutter distributor or sign up now. Don’t miss out on this chance to sell the shutters that people in South Carolina are looking for. Act now to become a shutter dealer/distributor for Empire Construction & Development.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola may have been spared the fury of Hurricane Irma, but if you’re living along the Gulf Coast then it is only a matter of time before you experience gale force winds and storms lashing against your property. The west coast of Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. Pensacola has been at the receiving end of Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Frances in 2004, and Hurricane Opal in 1995.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola, Florida

Storm panels are a cost-effective method to secure the outside of your property. They are strong – made from aluminum or clear polycarbonates. You can also opt for steel storm panels. This hurricane shutter system attaches to the walls or windows and can be closed using tracks or it can be bolted across the opening. Strom panels are removable, and you don’t have to compromise on an altered look for your property. They occupy very little space.

Easy installation, either vertical or horizontal, means that you can have them up and ready before storm season. A mix of clear panels and aluminum panels allows you the dual benefit of light into the premises and protection against the elements.

0.050” aluminum panels and clear carbonate panels are both constructed to clear the most demanding wind codes in the country and also in Pensacola, Florida. Storm panels that slide into an upper header track and can be moved along a lower track are easily fastened using wing nuts. Or, you can use stainless steel screws to directly attach the panels to the walls.

You can secure your entire house in an hour.

With clear panels, you can keep the business open, if you want to. You can run an emergency store with clear panels. A shuttered down business loses customers but one with clear panels will not.

Weston, Florida Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Home

Hurricanes are powerful forces, and it is not surprising that they cause damage and destruction after they hit landfall. Hurricanes spawn strong winds, storm surge, and tornadoes, and each of these can turn a hurricane into a home-wrecker. After a hurricane has come inland, it does begin to deteriorate, but it can still cause serious damage to your home and your property. Even tropical storms that make landfall cause damage in these very same ways. Even when a tropical system is weak, it is still a very strong storm when compared to average thunderstorms.

Strong winds are the most common means of the destruction that is associated with hurricanes. Their continuous battering can uproot trees, knock over buildings, and flip cars. But the most frequent destruction comes when debris is flung around, and that’s why hurricane shutters are essential to protect your home.

The weather forecast can give you advance warning of which path the hurricane is following, and this certainly helps to prevent casualties. But many people are caught off guard by the tornadoes found in the spiral bands, because their path can’t be tracked. These tornadoes are also found close to or within the eye wall. Often these tornadoes occur in heavy rain storms, making them difficult, if not impossible, to see. Advances in radar technology give you more lead time than ever before, but these twisters are still very dangerous and can cause a lot of property damage. Just like heavy winds, they toss debris and objects around at high speeds, and hurricane shutters can protect your home from this, as well.

When Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida, it went through Weston, Florida between 6:00 am and 11:00 am, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Wilma spawned ten tornadoes in Florida, and they added to the property damage. Those who had installed and used their hurricane shutters in Weston, Florida were soon glad, as Hurricane Wilma’s power when she made landfall had been grossly underestimated. Hurricane Wilma was a Category 3, and was expected to weaken to a Category 1 as she reached the coast, but that didn’t happen, and many people failed to take the precautions that they would have taken with a stronger storm. Property damage in Florida totaled $20.6 billion.

No matter how much weather forecasting and radar tracking of hurricanes has advanced in recent years, you still can’t totally predict what a hurricane will do, as evidenced by Hurricane Wilma and the damage to Weston, Florida. Hurricane shutters are essential to protecting your home from flying debris and objects thrown by high winds and the tornadoes that hurricanes bring with them. If you don’t have them installed in your home yet, you should do it now.

Why Climate Change Can Endanger Your Home
A hot button issue affecting our world from the halls of Congress to the kitchen tables in our homes is climate change. Natural disasters have increased in recent years casing havoc in Southeast Asia, Haiti, and Chile have alerted us to the reality that the planet Earth is undergoing intense changes all the time.  Greenhouse gases and continental shifts have caused changes in the planet’s temperature and overall climate across the globe. These changes can be linked to in an increasing amount of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms.
Natural disasters have increased in recent years casing havoc in Southeast Asia, Haiti, and Chile have alerted us to the reality that the planet Earth is undergoing intense changes all the time.  Greenhouse gases and continental shifts have caused changes in the planet’s temperature and overall climate across the globe. These changes can be linked to in an increasing amount of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms.
It was only five years ago when Hurricane Katrina headlined a storm season that included a record 28 named tropical storms, 15 hurricanes including 7 major hurricanes. The 2005 Hurricane Season lashed the Gulf of Mexico Coast and nearly destroyed the City of New Orleans. Some meteorologists believe that storm seasons of this magnitude will become more of the norm rather than an aberration and in addition, storms will become more powerful and dangerous in nature due to the effects of climate change.
Most people can only participate in peripheral gestures to help control and reverse the effects of climate change. Recycling, conserving energy and using alternate transit are ways the everyday citizen of the world can help allay the changes caused by an excess of greenhouse, but only a commitment by the world leaders to make a real change in our behavior will ultimately reverse the effects of climate change. In the meantime, it is important for residents of tropical and low lying areas to understand the dangers that come with the approaching hurricane season and become familiar with ways of keeping their family safe and prevent damage to their homes.
Hurricanes bring torrents of rain and winds anywhere from 60-150 miles per hour. Homeowners need to be aware of their susceptibility to flooding. If you live in an area that is where flooding is a danger, you should take to higher ground. To prevent damage to windows and glass doors, homeowners should protect these areas by boarding or shuttering their homes.
There are several ways of protecting the vulnerable points of your home using hurricane shutter systems.  Shutters are an effective way to keep your home safe from flying projectiles. Hurricane force winds can cause ordinary everyday items to become missiles, breaking through windows and glass doors leaving dangerous areas of broken glass and increased water damage to the interior of your home.  There are several styles that offer form and function in protecting your property.
Climate change is real and needs to be taken seriously. The safety and security of your home and contents is also to be taken seriously. Shuttering your home is the best defense to the unknown.