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Hurricane Shutter Installation Guidelines and FAQs

Shutter Installation Overview:

Are you looking to install your shutters yourself or would you like to hire a service professional to handle it for you? Whatever the case, we can help you out!
There are 3 ways your new shutters:

Shutter Installation F. A. Q.’s:

Q: How hard are your shutters to install?
A: Our shutters are not difficult to install and can be accomplished by anyone who is handy with a drill and a level. Everything you need is included with your order. Please watch our Shutter Installation Videos to see how each product is installed. On medium to large sizes opening, a helper may be needed to assist you with the installation.
Q: Will I be provided with everything I need to perform the shutter installation?
A: Yes, all the hardware needed to perform your shutter installation is included when you order your shutters.
Q: How long does it take to install the average shutter?
A: Installation times will vary depending on the type of shutter and the size of the shutter and your skill level. Give yourself an hour per opening. Once you get the hang of it, you should speed up.
Q: How hard is it to find someone in my area to install my new shutters?
A: Not hard. Call us. We may be able to refer someone to you from our installer network, or if we don’t have someone in your area you can simply use your local handyman, or search Google for “Handyman or Carpenter in your Zip Code” and call a few and ask if they can perform the installation and what they would charge to do so.
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