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Miami’s Customer Pick for Roll Down Security Shutters at Factory Direct Prices

     Business and property owners in Miami who are looking for roll down security shutters should look no further than for the best in storm and property security at the best factory direct prices anywhere.

     At, we build our shutters to secure businesses including, doorways, kiosks, store fronts, bar backs and even safe rooms, as well as countertop pass-throughs and rolling entryway closures.  Our security shutters can be opened manually or via motorized remote control.

     In the past, alarm systems have failed due to power outages, smash and grab burglaries or from professional theft. While rolling shutters are a shield for criminals, they offer shade, energy efficiency and sound proofing – all at factory direct prices. will provide homeowners and businesses alike with a product that is far superior to others on the market. Our roll down security shutters will protect the citizens of Miami, their property and their lives against the rage of Mother Nature or a thief determined on stealing your hard-earned possessions and inventory.

     Roll-down shutters are the best choice for homeowners and businesses for the following reasons

  • *  They offer elegant design solutions and security with minimal visual impact
  • *  They provide maximum insulation and strength from sun, storm, heat, noise, and weather extremes
  • *  They are constructed of the finest grade of aluminum for maximum impact resistance and durability
  • *  They offer a sleek European-style that can be custom designed and engineered to fit every opening of your property or home

     Not only will roll down security shutters provide an increased value to your property, the protection they will provide is immeasurable.  When a storm is imminent, or if the time to secure and leave your property is hurried, deploying shutters quickly is critical.  While other window and door protections are available on the market, roll-down storm and security shutters are the only product that can be deployed in a matter of minutes. 

     There are no heavy steel panels to drag around to every window and door. There is no need for ladders to climb up and down on to install shutters because with roll down shutters from employing them is easy. You just pull them closed using a manual crank and secure the latch.  You can also opt for the upgraded fully synchronized electric motor drive for maintenance-free remote operation so that all of your roll-down shutters can be activated as safely and quickly as possible with just a touch of a button.

Rolling Shutter in White

Manual Rolling Shutters

     Why purchase roll down security shutters online at factory direct prices? While engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country, and accepted by the toughest Miami-Dade County product control division, the Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code, our factory direct prices will work with you to design the best combination of aesthetic and top-notch protection without compromising defense. We can accommodate any size commercial or residential order whether it is for the largest mall or the smallest kiosk.

     The experts at will guide you through the ordering process and answer all your questions. The team at guarantee that your experience is one that will garner you the best in security shutter safety and protection when you choose us to safeguard your structure with storm and security shutters from  Empire Construction & Development – your one-stop hurricane and security resource! Give us a call toll free at 888-474-3555.

Best online prices for rolling security shutters

     If you’ve been searching for quality rolling shutters online, don’t forget to check out, your one-stop shop for affordable custom storm and security shutters for any window or entrance point. This popular online shutter store gets over 100,000 targeted visitors annually because of its reputation amongst builders and homeowners who trust in the quality materials, workmanship and unsurpassed customer service this company is known for.

     Here’s what you can expect when you shop for storm and security shutters at

  • *  Factory-direct prices on the best quality hurricane protection and security shutters
  • *  Rolling shutters built and shipped nationwide and around the world
  • *  Products that are proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • *  Custom designed rolling shutters that are engineered to fit each opening
  • *  Manual crank system or motorized with manual over-ride option
  • *  4 colors to choose from: White, Ivory, Beige, and Bronze
  • *  Shutters that spans up to 17′ with end-retention 60mm
  • *  Shutters that will increase privacy and noise reduction
  • *  Quality shutters that are constructed of the finest grade of aluminum for maximum performance and durability
  • *  A website that is easy to navigate and allows for hassle-free ordering and payment processing
  • *  Rolling storm and security shutters are impact-rated and meet some of the toughest wind codes in the country
  • *  Rolling shutters that offer maximum impact resistance against severe weather and forcible entry
  • *  A FREE shutter quote online HERE

     Whether you are searching for rolling shutters to safeguard your home during hurricane season, or if you travel and want to batten down the hatch before you head out of town, rolling shutters are a great option. If you have a vacation home or commercial property that you want secured when you are not there, rolling shutters are the practical choice.

     If you live on a busy street and perhaps have some windows you want to shield from the outside noise and passerby, rolling shutters are for you. Whatever your reasons may be for seeking out quality rolling shutters; security, privacy and storm protection will be included with your purchase when you shop for rolling shutters at!

     Don’t wait another day to secure your home or business. Please visit us today at to browse our impact-rated storm and security products which include: Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Hurricane ShuttersBahama ShuttersColonial ShuttersAluminum and Clear Storms PanelsHurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors. Because we manufacture our own shutters, we have the flexibility to offer the lowest prices and highest value to our customers. We are able to accommodate any size order, large or small, commercial or residential and can custom fit all of your vulnerable openings.

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     Behind every shutter order at is 35 years of experience in design, sales, manufacturing, and construction, plus an eye for detail and expert craftsmanship. Our team is committed to manufacturing top quality shutters and we provide our customers with a 5-year limited warranty. If you have any questions about our products, or if you’d like some help selecting the best shutters for your storm and security needs, we’d be happy to speak with you about it. Please call us toll-free at 888-474-3555. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our superior products and the special coupon offers that we promote throughout the year.

Protect Your Business with Quality Rolling Security Shutters at Factory Direct Prices

     Rolling Shutters have been used for security and storm protection all over the world for decades, and with incredible success. Severe weather is an unfortunate reality for many coastal towns and cities. Because the weather can be so unpredictable, permanently installed rolling security and storm shutters are a necessary addition to any business. But rolling shutters are not just for storm protection. Post-storm looting and vandalism adds insult to injury and continues to be a challenge for shop owners who want to protect their merchandise and structure from criminals.

     Furthermore, storm damage and storm-related crime isn’t the only threat to a businessman’s/woman’s investment. Criminals will seize on any opportunity that presents itself regardless of the weather. Locking the doors after closing time does little to keep the bad guys. If your place of business has windows and doors, your profits and livelihood may be at risk – and your peace of mind.  But it doesn’t have to be.

     There is a simple solution that can offer storm protection and crime deterrence: Rolling shutters from Our company has been manufacturing shutters for a very long time. We have over 35 years of experience in design, sales, manufacturing, and construction and we know what it takes to build rock-solid shutters. We’ve earned a A+ BBB rating and the trust of our many valued customers who rely on us for storm and security shutters that will protect their homes and commercial properties.

     With rolling shutters, you’ll be able to protect your windows from flying debris during hurricanes and tropical storms, and safeguard your business every day.

Rolling security shutters from have many benefits. Here are just some of the reasons rolling security shutters are a worthwhile investment for your business:

  • *  Protection from hurricanes and damaging storms
  • *  Security against break-ins
  • *  Protection against extreme temperatures and damaging sun
  • *  Outside noise reduction
  • *  Easy to operate with a manual crank or a remote control
  • *  Color choices that blend with your architectural style
  • *  Permanently mounted for year-round use

     Rolling security shutters are the ultimate choice when it comes to easy-to-operate storm and security protection. Many customers who purchase their shutters from use their roll down shutters for home security or when they go out of town for extended periods of time. Our rolling shutters are the best when it comes to craftsmanship and performance. They also provide privacy and maintain the curb appeal of your home and business!

     As a crime deterrent, rolling shutters are very effective. While in the lowered position, rolling shutters are locked in place with a smooth, manual crank or can be upgraded to the fully synchronized electric motor drive for maintenance-free operation. Rolling security shutters from are specifically engineered and designed to withstand high winds and flying debris – and they are impact-rated.

Our shutters have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code. Our shutters are designed to hold up against any type of wind or impact force.

     Shopping for roll-downs is easy when you shop for shutters online. At you will find everything you need to secure your property ahead of a hurricane or major storm, or for daily security reasons. is the leading website for custom built Hurricane Shutters, Security Shutters, Decorative Shutters, and other Storm Protection products with well over 100,000 targeted visitors annually.

Hurricane Shutters for Business
Roll-Down Shutters for Business Building

     Don’t wait for a storm or crime incident to wreak havoc on your home or business. Buy directly from our factory right now and save! We are the hurricane shutter experts and the manufacturer of the best hurricane storm products online. We can will provide you with the great prices without sacrificing on quality hurricane protection and security. Getting an online quote is easy. Simply measure the height and width of your windows/doors rough openings and enter them into our handy estimation tool, and we will take it from there. If you have any questions, please reach out so we can assist you. Call us toll free at 888-474-3555.

Best online deals for hurricane shutters in Jacksonville, South Carolina

          Hurricane season is here but it’s never too late to prepare your home in Jacksonville, South Carolina for severe weather. It’s very important to have a plan in place should a hurricane or tropical system be forecasted. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is a good resource for up-to-date citizen preparedness and emergency management issues affecting South Carolina. You can also download The South Carolina Hurricane Guide which is updated annually.

          To protect your home or business in Jacksonville, SC,  quality hurricane shutters from a reputable dealer is a good option. Many homeowners think plywood will safeguard their windows and doors, but it isn’t an optimal choice. The concern is that plywood is a particleboard composite which means it is not terribly impact resistant. Plywood is also very absorbent and since rain often accompanies hurricanes and other severe storms, a soggy piece wood is not what you want protecting your vulnerable windows and other openings.

A similar comparison would be to hold up a piece of paper and try to poke your finger through it. It may take some resistance at first but then try it again with a wet piece of paper. When the paper is wet, you can push your finger through it effortlessly. The same can be said of waterlogged plywood. When a piece of rain-soaked plywood gets hit by flying debris from hurricane-force winds, the force will likely penetrate or split that piece of wood and compromise its integrity.

          Objects can become airborne  at over 100 miles per hour during a major hurricane which is why your best defense is impact-rated solid aluminum storm shutters from Also keep in mind that plywood does not store well when not in use. It is cumbersome, bulky and collects mold, mildew and bugs if stored in the garage or on the side of the house. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality storm shutters for your Jacksonville, South Carolina home or business. has some of the most competitive deals for quality storm shutters that you can find online. Our products are engineered to protect, add value, and not compromise the beauty to your home or business. Some insurance companies may even offer you a discount for having quality shutters in Jacksonville, South Carolina.

 has over 35 years of experience in the industry and is a trusted source for solid, warrantied hurricane shutters at low factory direct prices. Buy your shutters directly from our factory and save! We carry all types of Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved hurricane protection products including: Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Hurricane ShuttersBahama ShuttersColonial ShuttersAluminum and Clear Storms PanelsHurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors

          Our team is ready to assist you with all your hurricane protection and security needs. Give us a call at 888-474-3555 for a free quote and we will help you find the right custom fit shutters for your home or business in Jacksonville. You can also use our convenient online pricing tool. Just simply measure your desired window or opening then plug in the measurements to receive your FREE quote.

Shop NOW!

We ship to South Carolina, nationwide and abroad. It’s never too late to prepare your home with durable and affordable  hurricane shutters. Give us a call today. We look forward to serving your storm protection, security, decorative, and energy-saving shutter needs!

Shop online for great prices on aluminum storm panels for Oak Island, NC.

          When thinking about Oak Island, NC, what may come to mind is miles of sandy beaches, fishing docks, and piers, boats, and intercoastal waterways. These are just some of the coveted attributes that create the perfect location for boating, fishing, kayaking . . . and also hurricanes. Unfortunately, paradise comes with a price; but for storm-ready residents in Oak Island, there is no substitute for the laid-back island life.

          Nevertheless, residents living on this charming barrier island realize they are a target for unpredictable and severe weather systems blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean which is why many home and business owners have invested in storm shutters as their first line of defense when it comes to fending off a major storm. 

 has been shipping their quality impact-rated aluminum storm panels to Oak Island and throughout the U.S. and abroad because they are a reliable and trusted company that has over 35 years of experience in building, design and construction – they are the one-stop online store for all types of storm and security shutters.

  offers a wide variety of hurricane shutters. Whether you want detachable aluminum storm panels, or permanently affixed or colored hurricane shutters; we have them all. Our shutters come in many different standard sizes, or they can be custom ordered to fit any sized window, garage door, balcony or storefront.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

Roll Down Shutters

Roll down shutters are a great option for quick and easy deployment. If you don’t like installing hurricane shutters every time a major storm or hurricane approaches, these may be a great option for you. They slide up and down to open and close along a vertical track system. These shutters will also bring a sleek European style to your Oak Island home. Our roll-down shutters are available in white, bronze, ivory and beige. 

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are some of the most durable shutters on the market. Nothing can catch these high-grade extruded aluminum shutters off guard. These shutters come with a heavy-duty locking device that reinforces the point of closure. They are also great for securing your home while out of town or on a vacation.

Aluminum Storm Panels 

These sturdy storm panels are not just cost effective – they are also and excellent option if you do not want shutters permanently attached to your home year-round. These shutters can be installed by using stainless steel screws and wing nuts or a simple tracking system for an easy on and off application. These aluminum storm panels are designed to be conveniently and compactly stored in your garage or shed. Approximately 10 of our compact shutters stacked measure only one inch in depth.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters bring beauty and durability to your home. Our impact-resistant Bahama Shutters offer an exotic island flair, permanent shade protection, and excellent storm protection. They are manufactured from heavy extruded aluminum which means they offer maximum storm impact resistance to effectively shield the vulnerable openings of your home or commercial property.

Colonial Shutters

Our Colonial Hurricane Shutters are extremely reliable and weatherproof. Our impact rated Colonial Shutters offer convenient storm protection with a distinct architectural flair reminiscent of the old south.

Call Today!

For more information on aluminum storm panels or other types of hurricane shutters for your home or commercial property, please visit our website We have a free online pricing tool if you would like to know how much it might cost you to outfit your Oak Island home. You can also call us at 888-474-3555 to receive a free quote over the phone. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call today!

Roll down shutters at low factory-direct prices for Wilmington, NC

Hurricane season is underway! And for those living along the southern east coast, it’s been a bit of a nail biter. You may have been considering getting impact storm shutters but just didn’t get around to it. When Dorian destroyed much of the Bahamas and threatened your area, you were probably kicking yourself for not following through on those shutters. So, ask yourself, do you really want to be faced with another hurricane unprepared? Is the stress of worrying about whether your home will get battered the next time around really worth it?  It’s time. Time to invest in the peace of mind that comes with having durable impact-rated storm shutters installed and ready to fight off Mother Nature’s fiercest storm winds.

It’s never too late to prepare which is why many residents of Wilmington, NC have been flocking to after the scare of hurricane Dorian. Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime which is why it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your it. offers quality roll down shutters at low factory-direct prices for Wilmington, NC and is the place to go for the best online deals for Roll Downs all kinds of storm and security shutters.

Benefits of Roll Down Shutters

  • *  Our roll-down shutters sold at come in many different sizes and can be custom designed to fit any sized window, door or large opening.
  • *  These shutters will bring a sleek European style to your home.
  • *  When closed, these shutters will block the sun for significant energy savings. Blocking the sun will also help protect your furniture and artwork from sun damage and fading.
  • *  Our roll-down shutters are made of high grade extruded aluminum with precise metal workmanship.
  • *  Our roll downs span up to 17′ with an end-retention of 60mm. 
  • *  When closed, these shutters will block out noise and increase privacy.
  • *  These shutters are extremely easy to operate by sliding along a vertical track system. You can easily open them with one hand by simply pulling on them and sliding them down.
  • *  Our roll-down shutters can be ordered to be manual or motorized. The motorized version also comes with a manual override.
  • *  When these shutters are not in use, they roll up and create very minimal visual impact to your home 
  • *  Our roll-down shutters are great for locking down your home when you go out of town or on a vacation. Your whole home can be secured in minutes and the shutters are impact-proof to keep out and deter intruders.
  • *  Our roll-down shutters come in various colors such as white, ivory, beige, and bronze
Roll-Down Shutters Closed!

Visit and let our professional tech-support staff assist you with any questions you may have. Don’t wait until another storm is approaching to think about window security for your home in Wilmington, NC, take action today and call us at 888-474-3555 to receive a free quote. You can also visit our website to use our convenient online pricing tool.

If you’re wondering about price estimation, simply measure your desired window or opening then plug the measurements into our online pricing tool. Order your high-quality roll-down shutters today!

Best online prices for Hurricane shutters in Beaufort, South Carolina

Chartered in 1711, Beaufort is the second-oldest city in South Carolina, behind Charleston. With its beautifully preserved historical district and Antebellum architecture, this charming coastal city and its surrounding sea islands, it’s easy to understand why Beaufort was recognized as one of the “The South’s Prettiest Towns 2018” and the “Cutest Town in every U.S. State.” This southern gem of a city situated in the heart of the Sea Islands and South Carolina Low country is a peaceful refuge to its many grateful residents, except during the hurricane season.

South Carolina is no stranger when it comes to tropical disturbances and hurricanes. That is why Beaufort residents and business owners have wasted no time protecting their beautiful city from any strong weather systems that may blow in from the Atlantic. When it comes to hurricane force winds, your best defense is sturdy, impact-rated hurricane shutters that will properly shield any exposed glass openings, doors, balconies, porches, garage doors and storefronts on your home or commercial property.

If you’ve looking online for top-quality hurricane shutters that can be shipped to your home or commercial property in Beaufort, South Carolina, then visit the leading website for impact rated shutters at where you’ll discover  low factory direct prices on all kinds of hurricane and security shutters. We are the hurricane shutter experts and we manufacturer and ship our custom sized impact rated storm to any location.

The optimal way to make sure your home secure is to enact safety measures now. is your one-stop online shutter supplier for Beaufort, South Carolina. We ship our shutters to Beaufort and all over the country and abroad so our valued customers can feel secure when a major storm or hurricane hits. Don’t underestimate the power of storm during hurricane season.

Our shutters are impact rated and made from high quality extruded impact-resistant aluminum to protect against flying debris traveling over one hundred miles per hour. They have been approved by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code. Many homeowners think installing plywood every year over their doors and windows is a viable option but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Plywood may seem like the most affordable option but will quickly add up in price when you have to buy new wood every year. Plywood does not store well because it rots, molds and weakens when water is absorbed into it. Once a window breaks, a whole new door of problems is opened. First of all, your walls and furniture can be damaged with water and will be suspectable to mold.

Other valuables in your home can be thrown around and destroyed. Also, storm debris from outdoors  can be tossed inside once a window breaks which can injure someone inside the home. And finally, once a window breaks, the air pressure inside your home build leaving your roof susceptible to failure. Investing in a quality storm protection system will prove to be the more affordable option as time passes. Storm shutters sold at will last indefinitely. This one-time investment will protect against future damage and will also add market value and equity to your home. Many insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums for homes with quality storm shutters.

Call Today!

Whether your needs are residential or commercial in Beaufort, our custom-designed shutter systems will keep you protected for years to come. Visit our website to view our great selection of impact resistant hurricane shutters. For more information, give us a call at 888-474-3555 and our friendly tech-support staff will assist you with any measurements or inquiries you may have.

Don’t forget to ask for a free quote. We also offer free online quotes on our website Just simply plug in your measurements and receive your free shutter quote! We look forward to serving your storm protection, security, decorative, and energy-saving shutter needs!

Hilton Head residents and business owners bombard popular hurricane shutter website after Dorian

If you live in Hilton Head, South Carolina you know the danger that a hurricane can bring to your home and family. Hurricane Dorian gave the residents of Hilton Head a scare and since then many people have been flocking to to purchase quality storm protection for their homes and businesses.

Hurricane Dorian gave us all an alarming wake-up call as to the devastation a high category storm can leave in its wake. Our hearts go out to the residents of the Bahamas who are now living with the aftermath of such a terrible storm.

For those who escaped the wrath of this storm, the realization that another one could make its way to the shores of South Carolina, is on the back of many minds. If you haven’t devised a hurricane preparation plan, you have another opportunity to get it done. Please visit The National Hurricane Center (NHC)  which provides up-to-date tropical forecasts and links to resources and helpful hurricane readiness tips.

When it comes to getting your home or commercial property hurricane-ready, head over to, a leading online store for anyone who is looking to purchase custom built Hurricane Shutters, Security Shutters, Decorative Shutters, and other Storm Protection products at low factory direct prices.

We have more than 35 years of experience in design, sales, manufacturing, and construction and we know what it takes to provide our customers with the best solutions for protecting their homes and businesses during any kind of weather. Whether you are a contractor, builder, home or business owner, we can build you the shutters you need to shield your windows, doors, balconies, garage doors or store fronts.  No order is too big or too small at

Accordion shutters are one of our most popular hurricane shutters in Hilton Head. They are made of high-grade extruded aluminum and built to last. They are impact resistant and designed to deflect flying debris traveling over 100 miles per hour. Our accordion shutters are some of the most durable shutters on the market today. These shutters slide along a self-aligning permanently affixed  upper and lower track system to ensure ease of use. Your whole home can be secured in under ten minutes. Accordion shutters also provide added insulation to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Many customers also appreciate how accordion shutters are able to shield the sun’s rays which safeguard’s their furniture, artwork, and other valuables inside their home.

Accordion shutters create an effective defense against hurricanes and forced entry. These heavy-duty extruded aluminum shutters act as a deterrent to unwanted visitors. They can be locked from the inside and are great for securing your home while you’re out of town or if you need to evacuate during a storm. When not in use, accordion shutters fold (like an accordion) to the sides of your windows or other openings, with minimal visual impact. Another great feature of accordion shutters is that they often add market value to your home. Homebuyers will usually be excited to find out the home they are interested in purchasing is already equipped with the best hurricane shutters on the market.  Lastly, many  insurance companies offer lower premiums if you have quality storm shutters.

Accordion Shutters Open in White

When it comes to hurricane protection, we are the hurricane shutter experts and the manufacturers!  We can offer you the lowest prices online for the highest quality hurricane protection you’ll find anywhere. Why pay high prices when can buy your hurricane shutters directly from the factory with huge savings. Our shutters are custom made and shipped directly from the factory to your address. If you’re looking for accordion shutters in Hilton Head South Carolina, contact us for a free quote at  888-474-3555.

We ship our hurricane shutter products nationwide and around the world. Our shutters come in many colors and sizes to fit your vulnerable openings. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get storm-ready today! Give us a call!

Best prices on aluminum storm panels in Cedar Island, North Carolina

If you’re ready to protect your home and family on Cedar Island from severe storms and hurricanes, you’ll find the best and most affordable aluminum impact storm panels from Aluminum storm panels are one of the most cost-effective and popular options for storm protection and they are available right now at low factory direct prices from a leading shutter website:

With over 100,000 web visitors annually, is the trusted source for high-quality aluminum storm panels and shutters that have been approved by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code – which are the toughest codes in the country.

Florida has lived through some of the most damaging hurricanes in the nation, which is why comprehensive building codes were  put into place statewide. Because our company manufactures its shutters in South Florida, we are well versed in building shutters that can stand up to tough building codes and rough weather! Add to that, over 35 years of experience in construction, design and manufacturing and you’ve got the recipe for peace of mind in knowing our shutters are ready to take on whatever Mother Nature sends your way!

So why are aluminum storm panels a great option for home and business owners looking to protect their property during a hurricane? Check out some of these benefits of aluminum storm shutters/panels:

  • * Our storm panels are an economical way to add 75% more strength than if you were to use a flat panel or plywood to shield your windows
  • * Our aluminum storm panels are designed with angled blades to help deflect incoming debris and to maximize impact resistance
  • * Aluminum storm panels are well-engineered to provide the user with an easy installation and removal process. We want anyone to be able to DIY by using a simple reinforced track that the panels can easily slide into. Or, you can forego the tracking system and just attach the panels directly to the wall using concrete anchors and stainless-steel screws
  • * Our aluminum storm panels are compact and were designed to be easily stacked for storage in your garage or shed. Ten storm panels stack to approximately one inch in depth
  • * Aluminum Storm Panels are less expensive compared to many of the other shutter types.
  • * Our aluminum storm panels come in many standard sizes or they can be custom-built to fit any sized window, door, balcony or large opening.
  • * Our Storm Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • * Our .050″ aluminum storm panels are impact-rated and offer rock-solid durability
  • * Our aluminum storm panels can be made to fit any size window, door, balcony, sliders, garage doors and store fronts. Send us your measurements and we’ll build and ship your shutters to you!

Are you prepared for a hurricane? If you’ve been living in Cedar Island for any amount of time, this probably isn’t your first rodeo. You already know what a hurricane can do an unprotected structure. Stop hoping and praying that the next storm will pass you by. You don’t need that kind of stress in your life! It’s important to take the necessary steps now to protect your home from the wrath of Mother Nature so you can relax and quit worrying. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to investing in storm shutters. Purchase quality hurricane storm panels for your Cedar Island home that will keep your loved ones, home and valuables safe during a severe storm.

Call Today!
Aluminum Vertical Storm Panels

Call today at 888-474-3555 to receive a free quote and to speak to our friendly tech-support staff who will assist you with any inquiries you may have. You can also visit our website to check out our other hurricane shutter styles and products.  If you’re wondering how much aluminum storm shutters may cost you, just select the type of shutter and size that best suits your needs to get a free online shutter quote. We look forward to becoming your trusted provider of high-quality impact aluminum storm panels for your home or commercial property in Cedar Island.

Hurricane Shutters Shipped Factory Direct to Bermuda

If you live in Bermuda, it’s never too late to order hurricane shutters. Living near the sea means it is important to always be prepared for  tropical storms and Hurricanes. Being prepared includes having necessary storm supplies on hand, such as water, non-perishable food items, batteries, flashlights, and important documents sealed in watertight containers. Preparing for a severe storm also means securing your windows and doors with strong, impact-rated hurricane shutters.

Your home is likely to be the biggest financial investment you will ever make. That’s why it’s crucial to go the extra mile to do everything you can to protect it., a leading seller of hurricane shutters, offers quality protection at low, factory-direct prices so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect your property and your loved ones. At, we are hurricane shutter manufactures and we take great pride in providing you with a superior product and unparalleled customer service.


When choosing storm shutters for your home or commercial property in Bermuda, there are several styles to choose from. Here is a brief summary of some of the hurricane shutters, storm Shutters, and security productswe sell online at

Roll Down shutters

Roll down storm shutters are super easy to deploy. They simply slide down along horizontal track and can be operated with one hand. These are great for last-minute preparations or if a storm sneaks up on you. They can be operated from inside your home and can secure your entire home in under 10 minutes. When not in use, these shutters roll up and out of the way with minimal visual impact. Roll down shutters come in a variety of colors such as White, Ivory, Beige, and Bronze to offer and offer a sleek style to complement your home’s architectural style.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters are one of the most popular hurricane shutters on the market today. Our accordion shutters are made from high-quality extruded aluminum to offer the highest quality protection. These shutters are easy to operate and can be closed from inside your home. They slide along an upper and lower self-aligning track system to ensure ease of use. Accordion shutters have angled slats to help deflect flying debris. 

Aluminum Storm Panels

Aluminum Storm Panels are a very affordable option for hurricane protection. Our sturdy impact aluminum panels can be removed when not in use. 10 of these Aluminum Storm Panels stack to approximately one inch in depth for easy, compact storage in your garage or shed. We also sell Clear Polycarbonate Panels online at

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

For over 50 years, Bahama Shutters have been a tropical favorite offering impact storm protection as well permanent shade protection – and of course that unmistakable island flair. Our Bahama shutters are manufactured from heavy extruded aluminum that can withstand severe weather conditions.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Our Impact-Rated Colonial Shutters with their recognizable southern charm don’t just look good – they’re constructed of heavy aluminum making them extremely reliable and weatherproof in any kind of weather.

If you live in Bermuda and you’re looking for the highest quality hurricane shutters for your home or business, please visit our website We build and ship our shutters all over the U.S., Caribbean and around the world. We have many shutter types and price points to choose from and we offer free online quotes and a limited 5-year warranty.

For more information on how to protect your home or business from tropical storms and hurricanes, call us at 888-474-3555 to speak to one of our shutter experts. We look forward to assisting you with your hurricane protection needs in Bermuda.