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How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in South Florida

“They’re moving WHERE? What about the hurricanes?!” This sort of reaction may sound familiar to some of the many people who’ve moved to South Florida in recent years.  Relocating to South Florida will get you sunshine, palm trees, and beaches, heat and humidity, too, but hurricanes are something you can’t rule out either. For half of each year – from June 1 to November 30 – South Floridians have to stay prepared and protect themselves and their homes from the possibility of a direct or indirect hurricane strike.

These powerful storms can be dangerous, and storm damage can occur from a hurricane of any category. Being prepared for a hurricane, however, can decrease the risk of storm damage and keep you and your family safe during and after a storm. According to the preparedness information you can read in full on, if you want to be prepared for hurricanes, you should:

Be informed – Know your area’s flood risks, evacuation routes, and where the storm shelters near you are. You should sign up for emergency alerts and go over your hurricane safety plan with your family.

Have supplies – Have enough water, canned goods, medications, pet food, and other supplies for at least three days. Buying these items and keeping them stocked in your pantry is a good way to stay prepared throughout hurricane season. recommends restocking an emergency preparedness kit with necessary supplies in the 36 hours before a storm.

Prepare your home – Your drains and gutters should be cleared. Trees near your home should be trimmed. Items like patio furniture and flowerpots can be picked up by hurricane-force winds and turned into dangerous missiles. These items should be placed inside a shed or garage or brought indoors.  Flammable items like propane tanks should be secured outside, tucked away in a sheltered corner. On, it’s advised that you cover your windows, and that “permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows.”  

Get the best hurricane protection for your windows, doors, patio, and more when you buy storm impact shutters from The hurricane-rated shutters you’ll find on this site are custom-made and for sale at factory direct prices. You can order custom built, impact-rated shutters, including:

  • *  Accordion hurricane shutters
  • *  Rolling hurricane shutters
  • *  Bahama hurricane shutters
  • *  Colonial hurricane shutters
  • *  Storm panels (clear and aluminum)

If you need storm protection products for your home or commercial building in South Florida, you’ll save money when you shop for shutters at discount prices online at Aluminum storm panels and Protexan clear storm panels are also for sale at this one-stop hurricane shutters website. See all of the storm protection products for sale at or call: 888-474-3555 to speak to a shutter expert about finding the best type of hurricane shutters for your home or business in Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Martin County.

Preparing for a hurricane can take some time, some shopping around for supplies – but getting shutters for your building is simple when you buy from For over ten years, homeowners and business owners in South Florida, throughout the US, and around the word have relied on these strong, affordable hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development. Read customer testimonials Testimonialshere, and then contact us for a free quote on the cost of the hurricane shutters you want. Make preparing for hurricane season in South Florida easier with hurricane shutters from   

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