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Order Aluminum and Clear Hurricane Panels in Belize

When a hurricane is on the way, you want to get your home ready for it as soon as possible. With all of the preparation you’ll need to do, you can’t waste time. Since you will need to secure your windows and doors quickly and easily, you’ll need a storm protection product that is reliable….

St. Maarten Needs Hurricane Storm Panels for the Best Protection Yet!

Category 5 Hurricane Irma was disastrous and caused widespread significant damage to building and infrastructure, which destroyed business and the economy. St. Maarten was one of the many Caribbean islands that was hit and affected majorly.When you hear about the Caribbean island of St. Maarten tourist in vision: clear water, golden sand, salty air, cute….

How to Stay Safe During a Storm with Hurricane Panels

Hurricane season isn’t over yet. In fact, for many susceptible areas along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, as well as in the Caribbean, it’s just ramping up! Safety is the top priority for residents of storm-prone areas during hurricane season. Hurricane, tropical storms, and tropical cyclones cause high winds, potential flooding, and dangerous conditions when….

Easy Storm Preparation with Storm Panels

Preparing your property for an incoming hurricane or tropical storm can be easier than you may think. If you buy the right storm protection product – one that is easy to use, provides full coverage for your windows and doors, and meets the necessary impact rating standards – you will be able to secure your….

Colonial Shutters in Treasure Island, Pinellas County, Florida

Treasure Island in Pinellas County, Florida lies in a high-risk hurricane zone. Since 1930, 72 hurricanes have been recorded in the Treasure Island, FL. The last hurricane to hit Treasure Island was Claudette in 2009. Impact colonial shutters by Empire Construction and Development Corp., can withstand wind speeds in excess of 140 mph. These shutters….

Hurricane Shutters Installers in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida

The city of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida is among the most populous in Florida. The city is renowned for its beaches, museums, a high standard of living, and affordability. St Petersburg lies less than 8 feet above sea level, and every time a storm threatens this barrier island community, people worry about the impending….

Hurricane Shutters in Redington Beach, Pinellas County, Florida

The town of Redington Beach in Pinellas County, Florida sits on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. The city, with its parks and open spaces, attracts tourists and beach lovers. With its location, it also attracts hurricanes and tropical storms, and the flooding of the low-lying areas that can happen during the hurricane….

Hurricane Shutters in Indian Shores, Pinellas County, Florida

Indian Shores in Pinellas County, Florida is a beach front community, and the area is exposed to sea winds. It is also exposed to violent storms and hurricanes. The last major hurricane to hit Indian Shores was Andrea in 2013. It’s almost as if the area is due for a hurricane any time now. Protect….

Hurricane Protection and Tropical Cool with Bahama Shutters in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater in Pinellas County, Florida is regarded as among the best places for retirees in America. If you have a property in this beautiful town, then you do know that Clearwater is often buffeted by hurricanes. In 2017, hurricane Irma damaged properties worth $1.5 million. You don’t want that to happen to your property, especially….

Impact Resistant Windows for New Port Richey, Pasco County, Florida

New Port Richey in Pasco County, Florida lies in a high-risk hurricane zone. Since 1930, New Port Richey, FL is in a high-risk hurricane zone. 70 hurricanes have been recorded in the New Port Richey, FL since 1930. The largest hurricane was Unnamed in 1945. The most recent New Port Richey, FL hurricane was Andrea….