Hurricane Shutters Information and ProductsHurricane Shutters Information and Products

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Why Climate Change Can Endanger Your Home

A hot button issue affecting our world from the halls of Congress to the kitchen tables in our homes is climate change. Natural disasters have increased in recent years casing havoc in Southeast Asia, Haiti, and Chile have alerted us to the reality that the planet Earth is undergoing intense changes all the time.  Greenhouse gases….

Safety, Security and Sanity with Hurricane Storm Shutters

We’ve all seen the photos, newsflashes and special reports. When a Hurricane is bearing down on a city or town’s coastline residents scramble to board up their windows and glass doors to protect from winds that can vary between 60-150 miles per hour. Large debris from garbage cans, tree limbs any other manner of debris….

Aesthetics of Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters can be an important part of protecting your home. Whether you need protection from the elements or want to be sure of the overall security of your home when you are away, installing hurricane shutters is increasingly becoming a great way of keeping your home and family safe. As weather patterns change, it is….

Hurricane Season 2010 is Upon Us

It was the summer of 2004 in the Southwest Florida city of Cape Coral where I first witnessed the sheer power and havoc of Category 3 Hurricane. By the time Hurricane Charley turned into nothing more than an everyday thunderstorm it had cut a swath through North Captiva Island (a barrier island off the cost of….

How Rolling Security Shutters Buy Peace of Mind for Business Owners

Rolling security shutters are true security for your business. Secure your closed business with rolling security shutters, providing your store’s doors and windows with maximum impact resistance.  Rolling security shutters are perfect for covering large areas for security reasons, or covering windows to completely eliminate smash and grabs. They are a definite plus for a….

How Rolling Security Shutters will Secure Your House

Protect against storms Reduce noise pollution Reduce Sun Damage Prevent break-ins Reduce theft Increase the value of your home Potentially reduce the cost of your home insurance Pay for themselves through more efficient heating and cooling Maximum impact resistance and extreme durability Rolling security shutters provide an attractive, sophisticated appearance. You no longer need to….

Security Shutters for Florida Residents

We all know that shutters are used to prevent windows against the effects of high winds, rain, and flying objects during a storm, but there are other benefits to having your home custom-fit for security shutters. How do security shutters keep your home safe? Part of owning a home is making sure that it is….

How to Protect Your Home with Security Shutters

Owning a home comes with unique responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities is to protect your home. Security shutters can help with this, and custom-fit security shutters have some unique benefits that you may not be aware of. Protect your home against hurricanes and other storms Protection against noise pollution Protect your home against break-ins….