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Colonial Shutters in New Orleans, Louisiana

When New Orleans was nearly wiped from the map by Hurricane Katrina, the whole world watched in horror. It was a natural disaster of almost biblical proportions, and it brought out both the good and the bad in people’s characters. We saw how failure to act caused horrifying devastation, and we also saw people open….

Storm Shutters in Houma Louisiana

Houma, Louisiana and its surrounding communities are immersed in Cajun tradition and culture. The area is renowned for its food, fishing, music, and especially its hospitality. Houma is also known, although not as well as New Orleans, for its Mardi Gras festivals. Although Houma is quickly changing and developing, many of the residents in the….

In Morgan City, Louisiana Hurricane Shutters Prevent Home Damage

Morgan City sits on the banks of the Atchafalaya River, approximately 70 miles west of New Orleans, 60 miles south of Baton Rouge and 60 miles east of Lafayette. Morgan City is known worldwide for fishing, hunting and fine Cajun cuisine, and is the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico for the shrimping and oilfield….

Colonial Shutters For a Classic Look in Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette is the center of the Cajun culture in Louisiana and the United States. Lafayette has a strong tourism industry because of the Cajun and Creole cultures of the surrounding region. The cuisine of the region, Cajun cuisine, is one of the most famous regional cuisines in the US. The land that Lafayette lies on,….

How to Save Money When You Buy Roll-Down Shutters in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles, Louisiana is a city some thirty miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a lovely city, bordered by lakes, with a burgeoning nightlife, and plenty to do during the day. It is home to five museums and many theaters. With over 75 festivals held annually, Lake Charles is referred to as the….

Hurricane shutter options in Louisiana

Southern Louisiana is a storm magnet, there’s no doubt about it. It gets hammered with thunder storms, tropical storms and hurricanes. No one knows when the next big storm will hit, but you can be assured that it’s coming. When you say the name Katrina, New Orleans pops immediately into your head. We all saw….

Beaumont, Texas Hurricane Shutters and Storm Shutters

Beaumont, Texas Hurricane Shutters and Storm Shutters Beaumont, Texas is a city on the coast of Texas. With Port Arthur and Orange, it forms the Golden Triangle, a major industrial area on the Gulf Coast. Oil is the leading export of the city, and a major part of the local economy. The city also is….

Houston Texas Storm Shutters and Hurricane Shutters

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States of America and the largest city in the state of Texas. Houston’s economy has a large business enterprise foundation and is a leading center for building oilfield equipment, and only New York City is home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters within the city limits. Houston….

Hurricane Shutters in Galveston, Texas

Hurricane shutters in Galveston are a must. This city is located on Galveston Island on the coastline of Texas, 50 miles south of Houston. The city has 32 miles of beaches on the sparkling Gulf of Mexico, and its economy is mainly based on tourism. Galveston is a city steeped in history: It has an….

In Freeport, Texas, Hurricane Shutters and Storm Shutters Are Crucial

Freeport is located in Southeast Texas. It’s about 50 miles northwest of Houston. It has a total area of about thirteen square miles, and more than ten percent of it is water. It’s also very near the Gulf of Mexico. It has three beaches within a few miles of each other, and one beach is….