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Rolling Shutters Protect Homes and Businesses in Barbados from Hurricanes

You’ve got to be prepared for a hurricane. You know the drill – you stock up on batteries, canned goods, and water. You put gas in the car. You get out the plywood and panels to put on your windows once again and wonder if there is a better way to protect your home in….

Montego Bay, Jamaica Must Have Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters!

Montego Bay, Jamaica or otherwise known as ‘Mo’ Bay, which is what the locals call it, is the best tourist stop in Jamaica! In Montego Bay, they have one of the best beaches and offer many entertainment options. With Margaritaville and an artificial ice adventure playground, and so much more! Montego Bay is a place….

Quality Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters in Lyford Cay, Bahamas!

Even private gated communities like Lyford Cay, Bahamas need protection from the strong storms that a hurricane brings on. Hurricane season is now! It started on June 1st. You need to start preparations to ensure your safety if a hurricane is to strike, like they often do. Your homes are extremely valued, don’t let them….

New Providence is Hurricane-Ready with Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters!

New Providence, the most populous island in the Bahamas! In New Providence more than 70% of the total Bahamian population resides here, making it the most vulnerable for harsh weather conditions. When you see New Providence, Bahamas you probably envision: clear water, golden sand, salty air, cute shops, and a beautiful scenery. That’s exactly what….

Along the Antilles, Guadeloupe Reaches out for Hurricane Protection

Guadeloupe, a French overseas region, is part of an island group Southeast of Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands, and Northeast of Venezuela along that string of islands that include Grenada and Barbados. The French picked up this group of islands forming a butterfly with over a dozen small islands,….

The Best Hurricane Shutters and Storm Protection in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is the only destination in the world named after a woman and her beauty, captivating, warm and loving personality and her wild and free nature! This accurately describes the many islands in the Caribbean. Though a small island with a small population, St. Lucia survives on tourism, small-scale industry and fruit exports. Because….

Be Hurricane-Ready in Trinidad and Tobago with Code-Rated Colonial Shutters

The beautiful West Indian island country of Trinidad and Tobago is nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, just northeast of the Venezuelan coast. These tropical islands of paradise have breathtaking views, warm ocean breezes and undisturbed natural beauty not found on many of the other Caribbean countries. The relative calm on….

Hurricane Protection in Savanna-la-Mar: Colonial Shutters

Savanna-la-Mar is no stranger to Mother Nature! That is why Hurricane Shutters Florida has become a leading choice for factory-direct storm protection on the island. Hurricane Shutters Florida has been manufacturing quality shutters to protect homes and buildings and many of the businesses in Savanna-la-Mar and worldwide for many years. Hurricane Shutters Florida offers numerous….

Old Harbour Protects History with Colonial Hurricane Shutters

On the southern coast in the middle of an island, Old Harbor was settled by the Spanish and it was Jamaica’s capital from 1692 until 1872. Renovations efforts began in the early 2000s but Hurricane Ivan caused extensive damage to the city in 2004. Maybe now is the time to be in touch with Hurricane….

Colonial Hurricane Shutters Provide Superior Protection on Paradise Island

Protection from hurricanes has to be efficient to protect the entrances into a building from the forces of nature as well as affordable, easy to install and ready to use. Hurricane Shutters Florida is your one-stop destination for all types of exterior shutters; manufactured in the United States and shipped worldwide. Colonial Hurricane Shutters are….