Hurricane Shutters Information and ProductsHurricane Shutters Information and Products

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Why Are Aluminum Storm Panels A Top Pick for Homes and Businesses?

Tree branches, street signs, potted plants, outdoor furniture, gardening tools and roof tiles are all dangerous items that can turn into high speed projectiles after being lifted by 100mph hurricane-force winds. Applying tape over the glass or nailing old plywood over your windows is not a viable solution when it comes to hurricane protection. A….

What Are Hurricane Panels?

Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th each year. On average the U.S coastline can expect three hurricanes during a typical 2-year period, one of which will become a major hurricane.  Have you begun taking the necessary steps to prepare your family, home or business from the threat of a dangerous tropical storm….

Use This Checklist to Prepare for Hurricane Season

How ready are you for hurricane season this year? Staying prepared throughout the Atlantic and Pacific storm season means being ready for high winds, flooding, loss of power, and other effects of a hurricane. Getting storm-ready is a must if you live in any of the areas that are susceptible to hurricane strikes. If you….

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season in South Florida

“They’re moving WHERE? What about the hurricanes?!” This sort of reaction may sound familiar to some of the many people who’ve moved to South Florida in recent years.  Relocating to South Florida will get you sunshine, palm trees, and beaches, heat and humidity, too, but hurricanes are something you can’t rule out either. For half….

Get ready for hurricane season with huge savings on accordion hurricane shutters at factory direct prices

It is finally summertime and families are embarking on fun vacations, the kids are out of school, and people are constantly finding themselves sunbathing at a pool or lounging at the beach. Even with all the relaxation that summer brings, you cannot fully embrace it until you secure your hurricane shutters for this year’s upcoming….

Shop online for the best price on accordion hurricane shutters for your home or business

As a home or business owner, protecting your family and property is a top priority. From security issues to severe weather conditions, you have to be diligent when preparing for worst case scenario situations. For those who live in areas where hurricanes and tropical storms are common, storm protection shutters are a necessity. Finding a….

Order Impact-Rated Colonial Shutters at Low Factory Direct Prices

Finding the best colonial shutters for your home or business can take some looking around. You’ll definitely want to check for an impact rating if you’re shopping for storm shutters. Protecting your windows against hurricanes and other powerful storms requires installing strong quality shutters, like the ones you’ll find at factory direct prices on…..

These Impact Bahama Shutters Meet the Most Stringent Wind Codes in the Country – Order Them Online at Factory Direct Prices

Storm protection is serious business. Impact Bahama shutters offer protection against storms and hurricanes. While you want your home or commercial building to look good all year, when hurricane season rolls around you want your building to be safe. These are shutters with the visual appeal you want and the impact rating you need: Bahama….

Where to Find Factory Direct Pricing on Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters for Your Home or Business

It is that dreaded time of the year again; hurricane season just rolled in. Are you prepared to protect your home or business during the next few months with roll-down hurricane shutters? If not, do not worry, Empire Construction and Development will protect your property without hurting your wallet. Empire Construction and Development is an….

Where to Find Clear Hurricane Storm Panels at the Lowest Factory Direct Prices Online

When you want to protect your home or business from a hurricane, you should get the best storm protection products. There’s nothing more important than your safety during a storm, and hurricane-rated storm panels can protect against window breakage and prevent wind and water damage during a storm. Having durable storm panels on hand, so….