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Aluminum soffit panels – what you should know

Aluminum soffit panels have their own advantages. The presence of soffits depends upon the type of roof. Soffits, if you do not already know, are the underside of an architectural structure such as arches and roof overhangs. Aluminum soffits have the advantage of being leak-proof and rust-proof. They can last for years, even decades. They….

Exterior Bahama shutters for your homes

Exterior Bahama shutters stand out from other shutters because they are perhaps the only type that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic appeal of a construction. Instead, they often add to it. These shutters are often called Bermuda shutters. Traditional Bahama shutters are made of wood and therein lies their appeal. Wood has its own….

Hurricane shutters – Miami residents need them

Miami residents in the state of Florida cannot do better than installing hurricane shutters given that the state faces the threat of hurricanes every year. The internet has made a wealth of information available to prospective hurricane shutters customers and you should make use of this information. Today, apart from the traditional shutter types such….

Accordion storm shutters for Florida homes

Accordion shutters are wonderfully suited to protect Florida homes from the effects of hurricanes. These are fixed to the sides of the windows and they open and shut accordion-style, hence the name. Once installed, you don’t have to take them down and put them up again every time hurricane season approaches. Installing them can be….

Hurricane shutters in Florida – A real necessity

Hurricanes are an unavoidable phenomenon that are unleashed on the coastal state of Florida every year during the hurricane season. Therefore hurricane shutters in Florida are a common sight and are present on houses across counties and cities in the state. The state’s building codes are among the strictest in America and hence if you….

Clear Hurricane Panels for the Best Protection

Clear hurricane panels bring at least one very apparent advantage of other hurricane shutter types. These panels are clear; they don’t block your view and allow sunlight to come in. They don’t give you the feeling of being trapped inside a place to sit out a hurricane. The shutter glass won’t yellow with age and….

Window rolling shutters benefits

Window rolling shutters offer the dual benefits of security and protection from hurricanes. These shutters offer solid protection which is not always the case with other shutter types. If made of aluminum composite then depending upon the inner core, which is very often polyurethane, you can get excellent thermal insulation as well. You save on….

A short guide to aluminum Bahama shutters

Aluminum Bahama shutters take the traditional wood Bahama shutters to a new level. Bahama shutters, as you may know, are the most aesthetically pleasing shutters out there for windows. They add to the charm of bungalows or basically any property. Although wood Bahama shutters are pleasing to look at and have their own advantages such….

Accordion Shutter Prices for Home Owners

Accordion shutters are made of extruded aluminum and offer certain advantages unique to this type of hurricane protection product. For example they can be placed around curved surfaces and can be used for any height. You can operate them from inside or outside. They can be secured from inside and can easily be retrofitted to….

Why are wood Bahama shutters so popular?

If put in a nutshell, then the answer to the question of the popularity of wood Bahama shutters would be that these shutters are a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. These have been around for a long time and old time Florida had its landscape dotted with bungalows with beautiful wood Bahama shutters. It….