Hurricane Shutters Information and ProductsHurricane Shutters Information and Products

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How can Residential Security Shutters Benefit You?

Residential security shutters offer a two-fold benefit. They prevent hurricane damage from occurring and secure the house against intrusions. Residential security shutters are usually made from aluminum or some polyvinyl material. These days you can get transparent shutters as well. The advantages of roll-up shutters are well-known. Ease of use, centralized and motorized operation, placement….

Installation of aluminum patio roof panels

Aluminum is the material of choice for patio roof panels. And there are many DIY kits available that teach you how to install aluminum patio roof panels. Select insulated aluminum panels. And ones that attach seamlessly with one another so that these are easy to walk on. Insulation will mean that heat does not get….

Storm panel hurricane shutters – not the prettiest but very effective

Storm panels are usually made of aluminum or in some cases polycarbonate that is see-through. The advantage with these panels is that they are removable and don’t take a lot of space to stack. These panels are easy to set-up but the process can be a little time consuming. There is no doubt about the….

Best Hurricane Shutters for Protecting Your Property

Hurricane shutters are an investment that can save you thousands of dollars over a period of time by protecting your property and also your life. You also pay lower insurance premiums if your house is protected by hurricane shutters. So, you see hurricane shutters are best for your family but what are the best hurricane….

Learn about aluminum roofing panels

Aluminum as a roofing material has several positive points; it is lightweight and sturdy. You want your roofing material to possess these two properties because it is not easy climbing up every now and then to make repairs or replace portions of the roof. These panels are easy to pull up and install, the walls….

Learn about insulated aluminum panels

Insulated aluminum panels help with bringing down the initial construction costs and also the maintenance expenses over the life of the building. The insulation of the panel is in the form of insulation foam on the inside and aluminum panels on the outside, the insulation material is usually polyurethane. The panels are resistant to attacks….

Buy Bahama Shutters in New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is unique in the USA for its charm, its music, cuisine, and its bayous. It is a coastal region that comes in a hurricane zone and every year there is a chance of property damage and loss of life during the hurricane season. The impact a hurricane can have was….

Security shutters – Chicago loves them

America’s introduction to security shutters is around 70 odd years old. This shutter type came to the USA after the Second World War. Security shutters find use in protecting both residential and commercial property and this is the reason why many of these are used in Chicago. Chicago is not in a hurricane zone but….

Learn about roller security shutters

Roller shutters are favored by many because their several inherent advantages. These advantages include ease of operation and long-lasting protection. Let us learn about the different options available to us. A big advantage with these shutters is that they act as an actual and a visual deterrent to intruders. You can use them to cover….

Exterior Hurricane Shutters for Window Protection

Exterior shutters differ in one respect from interior shutters. Interior shutters will swing inwards and can be controlled from inside. Exterior shutters are used for a number of purposes; in hurricane-prone areas their most important use is to prevent structural damage from hurricane winds and debris. They also serve to control the amount of light….