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Hurricane Windows Shutters can Keep Your House Safe

Hurricane Windows Shutters are a necessity when you stay in a place like Florida; window damage is the beginning of hurricane winds and debris entering your home and often it leads to the roof being blown away. You can shutter your windows in a number of ways, taking care that your method is compliant with….

Clear Hurricane Shutters Give Protection with a View

Clear hurricane shutters offer excellent storm protection with the added advantage that you don’t feel boxed in. You get natural lighting and save on utilities cost. These shutters are an advantage for commercial complexes that don’t have to worry about customers passing them by as can happen with opaque traditional shutters that give the impression….

Cheap Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Florida Home

Florida lies in the hurricane zone and every seven years, Miami is exposed twice to massive hurricanes that pass around 75 miles from the city. The only security we have against hurricanes is hurricane shutters. Of course, advanced warning systems are crucial too as they give us time to move to higher ground. But we….

Clear Acrylic Panels or Sheets on Your Windows

Clear acrylic panels or panes can be used as effective storm barriers and for insulation purposes. Their true utility lies in keeping the heat inside a house. These are placed as sheets on smaller windows and as panels on larger windows. Clear acrylic panels are perfectly transparent and you’d have to look twice to see….

How to Replace Aluminum Siding Panels Yourself

You can replace aluminum siding panels yourself if you so want to; particularly if the insurance company refuses to pay for replacement and repair is not really going to do the job for you. Unlike vinyl, aluminum is not flexible and when working with metal you should take safety precautions, wear gloves and safety goggles…..

Home Security Shutters for Your Residence

Home security shutters are excellent as a source of physical security. And are favored all over the world by residential and commercial property owners. These come in a variety of designs and can be made from metals such as aluminum or steel and also polymers. These shutters are great for storm protection and also secure….

Composite Aluminum Panels for Hurricane Shutters

Aluminum composite panels are used for the manufacture of hurricane shutters. These are termed composite because the core is usually a non-metal material with a cladding of aluminum. The resultant composite is very lightweight and at the same time it is strong. LDPE or a material with insulating properties is considered as the best material….

Rolling Shutters – Chicago Property Owners Love Them

Rolling shutters are a favorite with commercial and residential property owners in Chicago for a reason. These protect your property from blizzards, cold winds, varying temperatures, and a lot more. Noise from traffic and noisy neighbors are irritating when they happen and these shutters help insulate against these noises. Rolling shutters have been favored in….

Accordion Shutters – Miami Residents Should Consider Them

Miami comes under a hurricane zone and its residents feel the force of nature every year during hurricane season; every once in a while, a hurricane like Andrew strikes the coast and it results in massive loss of life and property. The only protection we have apart from moving to safer zones is to install….

European Rolling Shutters and Their Benefits

In case you’re wondering what kind of shutters are these and what’s the European connection. Let us understand that European rolling shutters are your standard rolling shutters but will often have the “European” moniker attached to them because that’s where they have come from to North America. These shutters have been around in Europe for….